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Though YouTube is a masterpiece in itself but there is no piece of code in the world that do no contain glitches. YouTube too has some glitches that irks users time and again. Here are some of the Google chrome Extensions that will take your YouTube Experience to another level
To use any software like pro one needs to be well versed in the keyboard shortcuts. Chrome is no different. To be able to use Google chrome swiftly and smoothly one need to know its keyboard shortcuts. Here is a list of....
Though we have loads of Android music apps for our smartphones these days but YouTube continues to be the best source of discovering music online.
If you want to have an uninterrupted session of watching videos on youtube then the only option you have right now is to search beforehand for all the videos you would like to see and
For enjoying web surfing to the fullest it is of utmost importance that one keeps his/her web browser in good shape. We have seen some methods to make
Modern Lifestyle’s biggest side effect on any individual is the ignorance towards health. Spending long hours in front of screen and being awake till late at night is an unavoidable part of our lives now, but in all this fuzz the biggest victim is....