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We all love Youtube and it is one of the best time pass for majority if internet users since a long time. But the User interface and usability of Youtube, which has not changed much since a long time, is fast becoming unpopular among the users. YouTubers are looking for new features in their favorite online hangout....
All of us love to be on Youtube and all of us know how to use Youtube but there is a difference in knowing how to use some application and knowing how to make the most out of it. Those who know how to make the most out of some application are called the Ninjas of that app.
Many people like to work at night, and majority of them prefer using dark mode of applications instead of the normal mode. Many people who work in the day also prefer using dark mode....
Though YouTube is a masterpiece in itself but there is no piece of code in the world that do no contain glitches. YouTube too has some glitches that irks users time and again. Here are some of the Google chrome Extensions that will take your YouTube Experience to another level
Developer toolbar of a Web browser is a very important component, not only for web developers but also for normal users. There are number of tweaks of your browser that can be accomplished only through developer tools.
Keyboard shortcuts are very essential for utilizing the full potential of any software. Keyboard shortcuts help us in using any software like a breeze and increase our productivity. Same goes with YouTube.