29 Best free movie apps for Android and iOS - A Comprehensive List - 2017

Watching streaming movies for free through internet has been a rising trend and the best pass time of a lot of netizens from quite some time now and this trend is here to stay. The number of people searching for apps to watch free movies and tv shows is increasing with every passing day. But the problem is to choose the best free movie app from the whole lot.

29 Best free movie apps for Android and iOS - A Comprehensive List - 2017

New free movie streaming apps are mushrooming as the craze of such apps is increasing among the users. Unfortunately a lot of such apps are not up to the mark or does not have anything unique to offer to the users. Today we bring to you a comprehensive list of 29 best movie streaming apps that you can use to watch free movies and TV shows from all over the world.

A Comprehensive List of best free movie streaming Apps -

1. TubiTv
Free Movie Apps - Tubi TV

Tubi TV is one hell of a free movie app which offers you a lot without charging even a penny.Tubi TV offers streaming of loads of big movies and TV shows from Hollywood absolutely free. The best part is that all the content that you watch is totally legal hence you do not even have to worry about your IP getting tracked and using VPNs etc.

Free Movie Apps - Tubi TV

This free movie app supports Android, iOS and many other devices like Xbox, Roku, Chromecast or smart TVs (Here is a complete list of supported devices [https://tubitv.com/static/devices]). Tubi TV charges no subscription fees from the users but displays Ad supported content.

Tubi Tv is in partnership with some major players of the industry like MGM and Paramount and offers weekly updates to the users from these partners. Movies and TV shows are added to Tubi TVs library every Friday. Users can create personal movie queues and bookmarks and can stream their favorite content on a big screen by using Chromecast or Airplay.

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2. Vudu Movies & TV

Vudu is a well-known name in the free movie streaming market. It has a huge collection of movie titles and TV shows. Though a lot of content on Vudu is premium content and is available only to paid subscribers but even non-premium users can watch thousands of movies for free that are listed under the category “Movies on us”. For a free subscription this is a huge list and one must not miss it.

Free Movie Apps - Vudu

Vudu is one of the best free movie app that serves content with great sound quality and video clarity. Vudu has support for Google chromecast so that users can stream movies on their TV screens. Vudu updates its catalogue on a regular basis and is known to add latest releases to its collection much before its counterparts.

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3. Viu
Free Movie Apps - Viu

Viu is one of the best app to watch free movies as it offers content in various languages including English, Bengali, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Korean, Arabic, Tamil, Malay, Indonesian etc. This cool movie download app supports downloading of videos in both HD and SD quality for offline viewing. Users can also use a single account to play videos from their mobile phone as well as their laptops and PC.

Movies in Viu come with subtitles in different languages and users can also share their favourite videos with their friends directly from the app. Movies in Viu fall in categories like action, comedy, romance, thriller, horror etc. New titles are added to the Viu catalogue quite regularly.

This free movie app for iphone and Android also gives personal recommendations to its users as to what they should be watching. It genrates a specially generated personal feed to let the users discover new content on the app. Viu has special pages for popular celebrities i.e. users can watch videos of their favorite celebrities directly from their celebrity page without the need to search for the videos. Viu's push notifications lets its users to know about the new content as soon as it is released.

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4. Showbox

Showbox is undoubtedly one of the most popular free movie streaming app – both for mobile as well as for PC. Showbox free movie app is already popular with millions of movie lovers worldwide and the user base is increasing every passing day. Though showbox is not available through Google play but you can download the apk directly from the official website (Link given below). The site boasts that installing showbox is easier than any other Android app.

Free Movie Apps = Showbox

 This movie streaming app for Android and iPhone is also available for blackberry and offers your favorite movies and TV shows absolutely free which any other similar app would offer for a hefty price. Showbox is a free movies app in true sense. Showbox has a HUGE collection of movies and TV shows and the content is updated every week.

If this much is not enough to convince you to download showbox then there is one more reason for you to go ahead – with showbox users can even download their favorite movies and TV shows to watch them offline later.

Note # for those who want to enjoy these features from their PCs and laptops then Showbox for PC is also available. Showbox for PC runs on a Windows system and requires an Android emulator.

Note# Showbox advices its users to use a VPN for not getting tracked while watching this content.

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5. Hoopla Digital

Hoopla digital is an awesome digital media service. Not only for movie lovers, it’s a great stop for users who are looking for eBooks, audiobooks, music, comics etc. It is an innovative concept where users get a chance to borrow digital media like movies, music, eBooks etc. just like a library.

Free Movie Apps - hoopla

Having a hoopla account is like having a public library membership card. For movie buffs, there are thousands of movie titles which users can borrow and watch for free. The best part is that mobile users can even download the videos for offline viewing.

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6. Terrarium Tv App

TerrariumTv App is a free movie download app for Android and allows you to watch and download movies and TV shows for free. Like showbox users can download content for offline viewing and all this is offered free of cost.

Terrarium TV offers videos in full HD (1080p) and HD(720p) quality and for faster streaming it uses fast cloud servers which are mostly on Google drive.

Free Movie Apps - Terrarium

It is one of the best free movie app for Android and comes with multi language subtitles support which can be a boost to those movie lovers who like to watch movies from different parts of the world. The current version of this awesome Android app has a native chromecast support, support for Android TV and TV box and also for Fire TV and Fire stick.

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7. HDmovies 2017
Free Movie Apps -HDmovies

HDmovies 2017 is a relatively newer free movie app for Android but seems very promising. It is fast becoming popular among movie buffs. It allows you to watch a lot of movies and TV shows anytime, anywhere and as many times as you want.

HDMovies adds latest movies from Hollywood, regional video content, TV shows etc. regularly to its catalogue. The user experience of this free movie app for android phones is also very good - it is possible to search for movies quickly. It also provides subtitles for different languages and it also allows the users to customize the way they want to view the subtitles - they can make the subtitles quick or slow them down and also move them up or down. This Android app was downloaded by more than hundred thousand users at the time of writing and was maintaining a rating of 4.2 which seems quite promising, we’ll definitely recommend giving this cool app a try.

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8. Snag films

This is yet another free movies app but what makes it different from the others is the WIDE range of genres in which Snag films offers its content. Currently Snag films has a huge collection of thousands of movies, TV shows and documentaries falling in categories that range from action movies, adventure movies, horror, sci-fi, comedy movies to rare Indie movies.

Free Movie Apps - Snagfilms

Snag films also offers subtitled International movies from all over the world – Bollywood (India), Nollywood (Nigeria), Gollywood(Ghana), Spanish movies and dramas in Japanese, chinese and Korean languages are part of the list. The list goes on and on.

Critically acclaimed documentaries, popular TV shows , biographies and other thought provoking movies are also available for users via Snag films.

Users can add movies to their watch Later queue and can also sync videos between SnagFilms.com  and Android Phone, Tablet, Android TV or Google TV.

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9. Crackle

Crackle is a free movies app for Android and iOS from The Sony Pictures Television and is available on Google play and iTunes store. With Crackle installed on their devices users can watch movies, TV shows and exclusive originals absolutely free. Content on Crackle can be viewed anytime, anywhere and on any device. Streaming videos on Crackle can be viewed on a large screen by using chromecast.

Free Movie Apps - Crackle

Though Crackle does not allow users to download content but by creating a free account users can save the state of the video they are watching if they leave in between. They can continue watching from that place later on.

Crackle also offers some original programs like Jerry Seinfeld's Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Joe Dirt 2, Sports Jeopardy etc.

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10. Viewster – Movies, TV & Anime

Viewester is a worldwide online video service and provides free movies, TV shows and anime that can be streamed over a large range of devices - on mobile via Viewester Android and iOS apps, on PC and laptops, as well as on Roku , Chromecast, Smart TVs, Apple TV, Xbox 360 etc.

Free Movie Apps - Viewester

Viewester provides free streaming content with more than five thousand titles currently available categorized in different categories like sci-fi, fantasy, gaming, action, adventure, horror, documentary etc. But the category that makes Viewester different from other movie streaming apps is the anime category. Viewester has a large collection of anime movies and series which are not easily available in other similar apps. For anime lovers Viewester will definitely be the first choice while choosing a free movie app.

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11. Yidio

Yidio is not exactly a full-fledged free movie app but we have included it in the list because it is a single stop for users to search and watch their favorite movies, TV shows and other content from different services and sources. Yidio acts as an aggregator app that lets its users search for free and paid content from over 70 streaming services like - Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, Xfinity, DirecTV, HBO GO, HBO NOW, Google Play, Crackle, MTV, CBS, Vudu etc. It actually is a universal Search & discovery app that tells its users where they need to go to find the movie or TV show they are searching for.

Free Movie Apps - Yidio

Searching for movies has been made very user friendly in Yidio as users can apply various filters like genre, source, release date, ratings etc. Yidio free app is available for Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Amazon Kindle platforms.

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12. Flipps TV – Movies, Music & TV

Flipps TV is yet another free and powerful movies app but the main selling point of Flipps is its capability of casting the phone content on to the connected TV screen. No hardware or TV app is needed to cast your Flipps content to your TV screen.

Free Movie Apps - Flipps

Currently Flipps supports over 5 thousand TV models which includes Samsung TV, LG TV, Sony TV, Apple TV, XBox, Chromecast etc. Moreover TV can remotely controlled via Flipps using touchscreen gestures.Flipps offers free audio and video content ranging from Latest news, YouTube videos, anime, science ,technology, sports to  premium & free movies.

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13. Hulu: Watch TV & Movies

Hulu is a well-known name in the streaming movies industry. Hulu is an established streaming service and most of the movie lovers are familiar with the website hulu.com. The mobile app that we are talking about is the official app of hulu.com.

Free Movie Apps - Hulu

Hulu has a HUGE collection of movies, TV shows, anime, movie trailers etc. Though most of this content comes with a premium membership but there is content available for free also. What we would suggest is to try out this awesome service app and watch out for the free content if it fulfills your requirement.

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14. Hotstar
Free Movie Apps - Hotstar

This is a great mobile app for movie buffs from India. Hotstar is becoming popular among Indian audiences very fast and rightly so. It is the pioneer in bringing the concept of on-demand content through mobile apps to Indian markets.

Hotstar has a huge collection of Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies, TV shows in different Indian languages and also English TV shows. Game of Thrones was also added to the list recently. Hotstar adds new content regularly.

Hotstar offers both free as well as premium i.e. paid content. Even with free plan, users have a lot of interesting content to watch which includes some popular movies and TV shows.

Free Movie Apps - Hotstar

Some of the content on Hotstar is also available for download and it is totally legal to download that content.The quality of the content that this app offers matches that of any other international movie app. Hotstar is available for both Android as well as iOS platforms.

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15. BoxTV

BoxTv is a cool free movie app that has a long list of titles in its catalogue which include English movies and movies in different Indian languages. This handy app also supports the download feature so that users can view content from anywhere even without an internet connection.

Free Movie Apps - boxtv

The user interface of the app is very sleek, intuitive and easy to use. Users can easily find movie titles which are organized in logical categories. Users can watch videos in different video qualities. Box TV claims to offer over 5000 hours of movies and TV shows absolutely free.

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16. Popcorn Flix

Popcorn Flix is a free movie app that offers a huge collection of movies without any subscription cost and there is no limit on how many movies a user can watch.

Free Movie Apps - PopcornFlix

The movies listed in popcorn movies app belong to a wide range of genres - Comedy, Romance, Drama, Documentaries, Urban, Thrillers, Horror, Kids etc. to name a few.Popcorn Flix also include Spanish movies and Bollywood flicks. Popcorn Flix boasts that new movies are added to its catalogue on a daily basis.

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17. Bobby Movie Box
Free Movie Apps - Bobby Movie Box

Initially introduced only for iOS Bobby Movie Box is now available for Android platform as well. The iOS version of this app can be installed on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Installing Bobby Movie Box on an iOS device doesen't even require a jailbreak which is an added advantage.

Users can watch free HD movies and TV shows through movie box app for android and the movie collection is updated very frequently. Latest movies and TV series are added to the list very regularly.

The user interface of the app is very sleek and user friendly - it is quite easy to find content on the app. Movies and TV shows can be searched in this app through their genres - deifferent genres in which the content is categorized include - cartoon, anime, adventure, action, drama etc. The app also has a Bookmarks feature so that users can come back to what they had liked. The app is available for download on the official website of the app and there are step by step tutorials on how to install the app properly.

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18. BigStar Movies

BigStar Movies is a very nice app for those looking for stuff that is different from regular Hollywood movies. This Android app lists documentaries, short films, winners of film festivals, foreign films and a number of award winning independent movies.

Free Movie Apps - Bigstar

BigStar comes with paid subscription plans and a lot of content is available to the paid subscribers only but there are hundreds of titles that are available for free as well.   Paid subscribers can also watch Bigstar movies on any internet connected device including iPhone, Roku, Android TV, Palm WebOS etc.

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19. CinemaBox
Free Movie Apps - CinemaBox

Cinema Box is a cool free movie app from the creators PlayBox HD. This app is available for both Android and iOS platforms. It has some nice features like download support, offline mode, Kid’s mode, subtitles etc.

Also Cinema Box has a support for Google chromecast i.e. users can cast free HD movies and TV shows to chromecast and watch their favorite content on the big Screen and get a better video experience. Cinema Box is not available on Google play store and iOS store but users can easily download and install this handy app from the official website. The official website has well explained step by step tutorials on how to install CinemaBox on Android and iOS devices so that users do not face any problem while installing the app. Also there is a tutorial on how users can cast cinema box on chromecast.

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20. MegaBox HD
Free Movie Apps - MegaBox

Megabox HD is a free movies app for Android platform. This app is quite lightweight and allows its users to download the content for offline viewing. The User interface of Megabox HD is very intuitive and user friendly. The content can be searched or sorted on the basis of genre, popularity, rating and other criteria.

Megabox HD claims that their catalogue is updated on a daily basis and new movies are added every day. Users can watch videos in HD qualities – 360px, 720px and 1080px. This Android app is not available on Google play store but users can easily download and install it from the official website. Megabox HD also has support for Google chromecast and the official website has a step by step tutorial on how to stream Megabox HD to chromecast. Also there is a step by step tutorial on how to install the app on Android.

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21. JustWatch

Like Yidio JustWatch is also an aggregator app that lists content from various online streaming services at one place and makes it easier for the users to check out which of the service is providing the movie or TV show they are looking for.

Free Movie Apps - JustWatch

JustWatch is an easy way to browse through all the supported streaming services and look out for your favorite content. JustWatch also lets you know about the best deals various service providers are offering. At the time of writing the free movie streaming services that JustWatch is supporting included bignames like - Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, HBO NOW, iTunes, Vudu, Amazon Prime Instant Video, XBOX, Playstation, Mubi and more.

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22. Hubi

Hubi is more of an online video downloader with an integrated video player. Hubi supports a long list of services from where users can watch and download videos – the list includes YouTube, PutLocker, HDPlay, VideoBeer, NowVideo, Zinwa, MovShare etc.

Free Movie Apps - Hubi

Hubi falls in the category of a movie app rather than a mere video downloader because some of its cool features like users can keep a track of what they’ve watched in the past and can also organize their favorite videos so that they can be accessed later with ease. Hubi claims to be a super reliable service. It is based on a cloud backend which makes it fast and always available.

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23. Mobdro

Mobdro is yet another free movie app for Android platform. Mobdro searches for free video streams all over the web regularly and brings them to its users. Mobdro comes in both free as well as paid versions.

Free Movie Apps - Mobdro

The free version is good enough for normal movie viewers and has all the basic features of a Movie app – from searching for videos, browsing the videos in different categories, bookmarking the videos in an organized manner etc. Users can also share videos with their friends very easily. The only glitch with Mobdro is that one has to be a premium user to download any content i.e. if you want to watch any video offline you’ll have to upgrade to a paid version.

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24. Free Movies
Free Movie Apps - FreeMovies

Free movies is a lightweight and simple app that brings to you movies from Internet archive. Free movies brings to you a collection of over five thousand movies for free, all the movies that this Android app offers are in public domain.

Free movies is a lightweight app that does not require flash player to play content, it uses HTML5 technology to play the video content and exploits the web browser to connect to the database of public domain movies. The categories in which movies available on Free movies are - Sci-fi, Romance, Comedy,  Thriller, Fantasy, Horror, Crime, War, Mystery etc. The user interface of the app is quite simple and one might feel that it is not of international standards but as long as the app does the job it promises, it is good.

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25. Kodi

Kodi doesn’t actually falls in the category of a movie app but it is a great application for movie lovers. Kodi in itself is an open source home theatre system that manages whole of your digital media in an organized and user friendly manner and can also be used to watch your videos on bigger screens.

Free Movie Apps - Kodi

We have included this app in the list as it can be used to stream free movies and TV shows by using some addons. These Kodi TV addons bring free content from various sources all over the world to the users. Hence in a way Kodi can be used to stream movies and TV shows for free.

Free Movie Apps - Kodi

Kodi, earlier known as XBMC, has been in the market since a long time but recently it is becoming poplar all over the world on a fast pace. Kodi has forums and communities of its own where users can interact and ask questions and get answers regarding Kodi.

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26. WatchDocumentary
Free Movie Apps - watchdocumentary

This Android app is a blessing for documentary lovers and for those who love to dig out the truth and unfold mysteries. WatchDocumentary has a huge collection of over five thousand documentaries falling under a WIDE range of categories like – Business, Art, Conspiracy, Economics, Health, law, War, Psychology, Space, Technology, travel etc. Users can add their favorite documentaries to wishlist and watch it later as per their convenience. Users can watch these documentaries on any handheld device that supports flash or can mark the documentaries to watch later on the computer. Also there are supported documentaries that can be watched on the youtube app.

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27. Newest Movie HD

This is a free movie app available for Android platform only. This app is quite similar to Megabox HD app and has all the basic features that a decent movie app needs. It streams good quality movies and TV shows for free and also allows downloading of the content.

Free Movie Apps - Newest Movie

Newest Movie HD also has a support for Google chromecast. It displays videos in different qualities - 360p, 720p, or 1080p. The UI is very simple and user friendly and searching for movies is quite easy. In short this is a nice app to try for those who want to keep things simple and yet want to get what they need.

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28. Google Play Movies & TV

Google play movies & TV is a free movie app from Google itself. This app can be used to watch movies and TV shows that users have rented or purchased on Google play. This app from Google allows users to download movies for offline viewing.

Free Movie Apps - Google Play

This nice handy app can be used to stream your videos to any HDTV using Google chromecast. Also there is a wishlist feature in Google Play movies app – if the movie that the user is looking for is not available in the catalogue then he can add it to the wishlist. The user will be notified once the movie is available.

Though Google has stopped providing movies and TV shows for free but still we have included this app in the list as at times Google offers popular movies with huge discounts on usual price, hence users who are ready to buy movies with huge discount should keep this app ready.

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29. Internet Archive Companion

This is an iphone movie app that can be used to view the internet Archive movies collection. Though this is not an official app from the Internet Archive site but it uses their database to bring to its users the entire movies collection on the site. Internet Archive companion has free apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Free Movie Apps - Internet Archive Companion

The user interface of this handy app doesn’t seem to be very intuitive and one has to explore a little bit to find out the content they are searching for. Once you get hold of the UI and know how the app is structured then it becomes easy to find and sort movies.

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Conclusion :

The list above is a comprehensive one and will fulfill any kind of requirement of the users. Wizita keeps a constant look on cool stuff over the internet and we’ll update the list above as soon as we find any new app that falls in the above category and is worth adding to the list.