8 Free Android Games that will improve your memory

Android games have become so popular in last few years that playing games has become the best time pass not only for kids but also for a large number of grown ups. What if we use this time pass of ours in a constructive way and play games that can help us improve our memory.

8 Free Android Games that will improve your memory

The evolution of technology has eased our lives to a great extent but extensive use of technology can also have adverse affect on our memory. We often remember to improve Android performance but forget about our own health and performance. But now we can use this same technology to boost our memory.

Here is a list of free Android games that will help you in improving your memory.

Best memory games for Android -

1. Oly : Visual Memory
Android Games to improve your memory

This is a new player in the market of memory games but it seems quite promising and is fast becoming popular among Android users hence we have started the list with this one.This is an Android game to improve the visual memory of users. Oly has got 10K installs and managed a rating of 4.4 in about one year of time span. The game is an implementation of a popular memory game that is known by different names of Pelmanism, Shinkei-suijaku, Pairs, Pexeso or just Memory. The developers of Oly have tried to make a difference by using a cute character called Oly in the game which makes this implementation of the game even more interesting. The original game however used cards. There are three different difficulty levels of the game which are aimed to improve your memory. The interface of the game also looks very soothing and interesting. The users should definitely give this game a try.


Google Play link : Install Oly : Visual Memory


2. Eidetic :
Android Games to improve your memory

Taking its name from the English word "Eidetic" this app aims at taking its users' memory to a next level where they can remember everything with photographic accuracy. This app has 3 brainteasers which the users have to memorize in 4 seconds. The app has three sections - Memory Challenge, Photographic Memory and Survival Challenge and there are loads of levels in these sections which will help you improve  your memory.


Google Play link : Install Eidetic


3. Brain Workout
Android Games to improve your memory

Brain workout is actually a package of four memory games. These four games are designed to check and impove your memory and also train your brain to have better reaction time, accuracy and concentration. These four sections are categorised under the name "Focus", "Speed","Accuracy" and "Memory". Just open the app and choose one of them as per your mood or schedule and play the games related to that section. These games are challenging and interesting. You can also track your progress with an easy to use graph. There is a global scoreboard where you can compare your scores with those of other users around the world.


Google Play link : Install Brain Workout


4. The Moron Test
Android Games to improve your memory

This is one of the most popular memory game for Android. With more than 10M installs, it still maintains its rating above four stars. Clearly shows that so many users are loving this game. The game is divided into six sections with hundreds of interesting puzzles in each section. This addictive game has a simple yet beautiful and interesting user interface. The funny characters and sound effects also add to the fun factor of the game. A must have game on your smartphone if you want to boost your memory in the fun way.


Google Play link : Install The Moron Test

5. Memory Trainer :
Android Games to improve your memory

Memory trainer helps not only in improving your memory but it is designed to improve your focus and concentration as well. This free Android game is like a gym for your brain. The memory exercises are divided into short sessions with each session having some interesting games. These games seem to be small and simple but are actually very challenging. Users can also track their progress with the help of a graph so that they can improve their performance. So just install this free android memory game and start building your brain muscles.


Google Play link :  Install Memory Trainer


6. Matchup :
Android Games to improve your memory

Matchup is a card game that aims at sharpening your memory. This game is actually designed for two people but single player modes are also available. This is a card game in which player has to flip the cards and match two similar cards by memorising the flipped cards they have viewed. As the game proceeds the levels become more and more difficult and challenging as the differences between the cards reduce. This game will definitely give your short term memory a big boost.


Google Play link : Install Matchup

7. Visual Memory
Android Games to improve your memory

As the name suggests this free Android memory game aims at improving the visual memory of its users. Though it is a very basic game with a simple interface and user experience, but the game levels get quite challenging as one moves ahead in the game. There are 25 levels in the game to check and boost your visual memory. There are white balls in front of a black background and in every new level a new ball appears on the screen and the player has to tap on the new ball within seconds. This might sound very simple but as the player crosses the levels he/she has to really strain the brain muscles in remembering the location of previous level balls. This is lot of fun. Do give it a try.


Google Play link : Install Visual Memory


8. Fit Brains Trainer


Android Games to improve your memory

This Android app includes 60+ unique fun games and 500+ workout sessions that are aimed not only to boost your memory but also flex your brain muscles, improve your mental agility and problem solving ability. These games will give you solid brain workout sessions which will become more challenging and interesting as you move ahead in the game. Users can also track their progress in the game by using the tools in the app and their in-depth performance reports.


Google Play link : Install Fit Brains Trainer


Conclusion :

These games are really fun to play and have health benefits of increasing your brain power, memory and mental agility. If you are a regular gamer and regularly install and play Android games then these games mentioned in the list should be your first choice. Once you are done with your memory boosting session of the day - you might want to make your Android device more productive. Here are a few tips that will help you use your Android in a better way - Locate and manage Annoying Apps, Adding UI tuner to Android settings menu, manage app permissions in Android.