Pause a YouTube video Smartly

Best Chrome Extensions - Smart Pause for YouTube

This chrome extension is actually very smart and lives up to its name. We have already seen the working of Stop Autoplay for YouTube but this one is one step ahead of it. In modern times with high speed internet at our disposal, almost everyone of us surf the web while multitasking.

Pause a YouTube video Smartly

We open a lot of web pages at once at then go through them tab by tab. The problem with YouTube is that when we switch from one tab to another the video keeps on streaming while we are busy with other stuff in other tabs.

This might cause annoyance as well as data loss.Smart Pause for YouTube saves us from this problem. It Pauses the video that is playing as soon as the tab of the video loses focus. In other words when we switch from the tab of YouTube the video that we were playing pauses and we do not miss anything in the video. When we come back to YouTube tab the video resumes automatically. This is a must have smart chrome extension if you are a YouTube fan and a multitasker.



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