Automatically pause YouTube Videos in new tab

Though YouTube is a marvelous piece of code and design but there are some glitches in YouTube as well which is quite annoying for the users. One of such glitch is the feature of youTube due to which whenever we open a Video in a new tab, it starts playing automatically.

Automatically pause YouTube Videos in new tab

This autoplay feature can be very annoying at times if we plan to open many videos in new tabs one after another. We have already seen the Smart pause funcionality through a chrome extension. Now this is yet another cool stuff for youtubers.

Best Chrome Extensions - Stop Autoplay for Youtube

This Chrome extension that we are going to discuss today saves you from this headache. If you have Stop Autoplay for youtube installed in your Chrome then it will prevent the autoplay of youtube videos once you open them in new tab. The video will remain paused at 00:00 untill you hit the play button yourself.

Though there is one extended version of this chrome extension where the video remains paused at 00:00 untill the focus comes to the browser tab of the video and the user doesn't need to hit the play button, but we feel that the former version is a better option for the users because we get more control with just one extra click.


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