Use YouTube like a Music player

Though we have loads of Android music apps for our smartphones these days but YouTube continues to be the best source of discovering music online.

Use YouTube like a Music player

The only problem with YouTube is that it is not designed to be used as a music player. YouTube is basically a video sharing site and lacks a lot of features of a music player.

Best Chrome Extensions - Upnext

Upnext is a poweful chrome extension that can be used to make YouTube a powerful music player. It allows its users to make playlists of their favorite songs, users can shuffle and repeat songs. Upnext has a very beautiful and easy to use user interface and gives a feel of a powerpacked music player.
It is very easy to search for music in Upnext and add them to the playlists. To make things more spicy - Upnext gives you the prestigious Reditt top 100 charts. Also you can use this awesome chrome extension to search music on SoundCloud as well. In short you'll never run short of new music if you start using this great extension.


Note# Upnext has been removed from the chrome store due to some legal issues but it is available for download through the link given below.