Best Kodi tv addons for 2017

Kodi is an open source media player which can be used on Linux, Windows, OS X, Android and iOS operating systems. Previously known as XBMC, Kodi has now become the most popular media center around. It has knocked off its rival Windows media center quite well.

Best Kodi tv addons for 2017

Kodi has a user interface which makes it an appropriate software to be used on TV screens. KodiTV is loaded with functionalities - it can be used for litening to music, watching movies, viewing pictures, recording TV and a lot more. The fact that Kodi is highly customizable gives it an edge over its counterparts and by installing right addons one can enhance the functionality of this powerhouse even more.

List of Best Kodi addons -

Here we list out the best Kodi TV addons of 2017. Most of the addons listed here can be easily found in the "Kodi Add-on Repository" along with the instructions to install them. A few that are not available in the repository can be located simply by putting their name in the Google search box.


Exodus is undoubtedly the most popular Kodi addon at the moment. Through Exodus users can get free access to loads of web content including movies, TV shows, Live TV channels, personal videos. Exodus tidily sorts the Movies and TV channels by various categories like most popular, highly rated, people watching etc. Exodus gives a number of viewing options to the user after scanning through a list of providers once the user selects something to watch. We have discussed in detail how to install Exodus and how to use Exodus to view more content.

UK Turks Playlist

Another awesome addon for Kodi is the UK Turks playlist. The range of content that this addon offers to its users is phenomenal. From classic TV movies, Classic TV shows to live TV channels including Live sports. From cartoons to documentaries, the range is amazing. UL Turks playlist can be installed using the Addon installer that we mentioned when we discussed how to install Kodi addons.


Specto is quite similar to Exodus in functionality but with some more streaming quality options. Also there are settings to customize the movie and TV sources. Specto lets you stream latest movies and TV shows and at the same time a lot of customization options.  At the time of writing installing Specto was not available through Addon installer. Here is a step by step process of how to install Specto.

iPlayer WWW

Though iPlayer WWW is an unofficial addon but it works pretty well and lets its uses view catch-up and on-demand content. Viewers can tune into BBC channels through iPlayer WWW. Installing iPlayer WWW is super easy – Just to Videos, Add-ons and click ‘Get more’. Look out for iPlayer WWW and select it. Click install and you are done. You can launch iPlayer WWW by going to Videos -> Add-ons and click iPlayer WWW.


This add-on is good for watching ITV’s channels live on Kodi. Users can view catch-up and on-demand content through this add-on. The process to install this addon for Kodi is a bit tricky. We have a detailed step by step guide that will let you know how to install ITV addon for Kodi.


SALTS stand for Stream all the sources. Keeping upto its name SALTS quickly fetches all the sources from where it can get the content that the user has demanded. Not only this, SALTS also offers loads of options for the users. Through SALTS user can watch Movies or TV Shows which are categorized by SALTS on the basis of Trending, popular, Recently updated etc. SALTS can be installed thorugh Add-on Installer.


We don’t need to mention that Youtube is king of online streaming Videos. This is an unofficial Add-on for kodi but lets you do everything that you can do on youtube itself. Just log into your youtube account, launch this Kodi add-on and start having fun – View your subscriptions, watch popular videos, adjust video quality, search for videos, browse channels and a lot more. This Youtube add-on can be installed through Add-on Installer.


Velocity is comparatively new in the game but is quite promising. Velocity has two versions -  Velocity standard for everyone and Velocuty kids for Kids. Velocuty add-on lets you choose your favorite movies or TV shows from various categories like Most popular, Most watched, Most played,Trending etc. There are a lot of other options also available that you can customize as per your needs. Both the versions of Velocity can be installed through Add-on Installer.

FilmOn Simple

With this Add-on users can access the content on FilmOn. Those who have used Add-ons like Exodus and Specto etc. might not find FilmOn simple very captivating but still it worth a try. FilmOn Simple users can view international content on filmOn like   movies, music, Sports, TV shows, etc. This simple add-on is also available for download through the add-on installer.

Disney Junior

This amazing add-on is for the younger audiences of Kodi. As evident from the name itself, this add-on can be used to watch episodes from popular Disney shows like Sofia the first and Mickey Mouse clubhouse. If you want your kid to get involved into something interesting so that you can have some time for you own, just turn on this add-on and you are good to go J. Installing Disney Junior is very easy. Go to Videos -> Add-ons -> Get More. Scroll down to Disney hour and click install.


Freeview is a simple and easy to use Kodi add-on that can be used to watch live UK TV including channels like BBC, ITV, Channel 4 , Channel 5 etc. At the time of writing there were seven channels that are covered in the catch-up section including – Blaze, Dave, Drama, Quest, Really, truTV and Yesterday. Freeview can be installed through the add-on installer.

1channel Primewire

You can have access to a wide range of movies and TV shows by using this add-on. You can change the look and feel of the add-on and its performance by tinkering some quick settings. The movies and TV shows are categorized by Genres, highly rated, Featured. This nice add-on can be installed through Add-on Installer.


Apart from Phoenix Sports, Phoenix TV and Phoenix new releases this add-on delivers a wide range of content to its users. The huge collection of content available through this add-on is categorized under different themes. These themes include Diva’s Den, Cartoon crazy, Incredible TV etc. Add-on Installer can be used to install phoenix.