What is a Computer Network?

What is a computer network -

What is a Computer Network?
  • A network is a group or collection of devices that are connected to each other by some means like cables, telephone lines, radio waves, satellites, or infrared light beams.
  • These devices communicate with each other to share data and information with each other.
  • The devices use some common protocols to communicate with each other.
  • These devices connected to form a network can be computers, servers, printers, fax-machines, mainframes, network drives, switches, routers, smartphones, tablets, televisions or any other electronic device that can communicate with other devices over the network.
  • A network can be as small as two computers connected with each using an Ethernet cable to share files with each other or it can be as big as millions of computers, smartphones, tablets, televisions etc. all over the world connected to each other over internet.
  • Internet is also a network.
  • In fact it is a network of networks i.e. many networks are connected to each other to form internet.