What is Google TV

Google TV, launched in 2010 is an Android based platform from Google co-developed by Sony, Intel and Logitech. Google TV integrates Android operating system and Google Chrome web browser to provide the users with a graphically rich interactive interface through which they can easily access their favorite online stuff from their TV sets itself.

What is Google TV

Google TV can be accessed in two ways -
If the user doesn’t want to change the existing TV set then he can go for a ‘Buddy Box’. It’s a small box that can be fitted between the user’s existing cable (or satellite) receiver and the Television set.

All the features of Google TV will now be available on User’s existing TV set through this Buddy Box. The remote can be used to control the cable box, the TV and the stereo. Moreover users can use their Apple and Android Smart phones and tablets as a remote control for Google TV.

Google TV is also available as an integrated built in component of some Smart TV sets. So the user needs to do nothing other than plugging the cable receiver into the TV set as usual and Google TV will automatically be available to the user. Regarding the remote control, same thing applies to the built in Google TV as well.

With Google TV Users can watch online videos, update their status and look at what’s going viral on the net right from their TV sets. Users can also watch YouTube videos on their TV sets, all they need to do is send their favorite videos from their Android phone or tablets to the TV set just by a touch of a button. Google TV makes a huge library of apps, movies, TV shows and music instantly available to the users on their TV sets.
One of the biggest competitor for Google TV is Apple TV.