4 Useful Websites for staying healthy

Modern Lifestyle’s biggest side effect on any individual is the ignorance towards health. Spending long hours in front of screen and being awake till late at night is an unavoidable part of our lives now, but in all this fuzz the biggest victim is - our Heart.

4 Useful Websites for staying healthy

There is no alternative to physical exercise and balanced routine lifestyle to keep your heart healthy and an agile brain, but there are some cool websites that can help you a lot in this good cause and allow you to maintain a balance between your modern lifestyle and a healthy routine by automating a lot of health related tasks that would eat-up a lot of your time otherwise.

Websites to visit for Good health.

Here is a list of four websites that one should visit regularly to keep track of fitness and be in good shape.

Microsoft HealthVault(MHV) :

4 websites for staying fit

Healthvault is the online stop for you to make your medical profile and save all your medical records like - test reports, diagonosis, diet plans, prescriptions, x-ray reports etc. online. These records can then be accessed from anywhere in the world. This site save you from the headache of carrying your medical reports wherever you go.....View official link.

My Life Check :

4 websites for staying fit

You'll find this site great if you are looking for a diet plan for yourself and do not have much time to consult a dietician. This site will ask you to choose the purpose of your visit i.e. if you want to get active, eat better, lose weight, stop smoking, control cholesterol, manage blood pressure or reduce blood sugar etc. Based on your responses you'll be presented with a plan for you....View official link.


FitoCracy :

4 websites for staying fit

FitoCracy is a social networking site meant for people who are interested in fitness activities and like to talk about fitness. After becoming a Fitcracy member you'll get connected with some communities and other members by the website itself. In these suggested communities you will find people with goals similar to yours....View official Link.

Heart healthy Online :

4 websites for staying fit

 Heart healthy Online (HHO) is a great site for those who suffered a heart attack or are at risk to have one. At HHO one can find authentic information related to heart attack.Usually such information on internet is in  hard to understand biological language. At HHO one can find this information in a very simple language and in an intuitive style...View Official Link.


One should never ever ignore the importance of a healthy body in life. A healthy heart and a fit brain is the key to successful and happy life. Just have a look at the above mentioned sites and use them to get a better lifestyle.