Become a YouTube Ninja

All of us love to be on Youtube and all of us know how to use Youtube but there is a difference in knowing how to use some application and knowing how to make the most out of it. Those who know how to make the most out of some application are called the Ninjas of that app.
Today we'll share with you some Youtube tricks and tips that will make you the Ninja of Youtube. So buckle up guys, let's start the ride.

Become a YouTube Ninja

Use numeric keys to jump within the video -

The numeric keys on our keyboard (0 - 9) can be used to jump within the video. The numeric zero key ( 0 ) brings the video to the beginning and the other keys 1, 2, 3 etc. makes the video jump forward or backward to a certain position. The numeric keys 1 - 9 take the video control from 10% to 90% of the video respectively. The full length of the video is divided into 10 equal parts and then each successive key is assigned a particular position as per the length of the video. e.g. if the video is 10 minutes long - the zero key will bring the video to the beginning, the numeric 1 key will bring the video to 1 minute location within the video, 5 will bring the video to the 5 minute mark and so on.

Watch Youtube in dark mode -

Many users want to watch YouTube in dark mode - especially those who watch YouTube at night. There is a tweak by which we can enable dark mode in Youtube in Google chrome and Firefox but it requires a little bit of technical edge and fiddling with the develper tools of your browser.

Youtube Ninja Tricks

If you do not want to get your hands dirty then there is a chrome extension called dark skin for Youtube that can help you watch Youtube in dark skin.

Use search operators in Youtube -

It is estimated that almost 300 hours of video content is uploaded on youtube every minute. Whhooo!!!! that is a whole lot of content. Now we do not have to state how difficult it would be search for videos that we want.

Youtube Tricks

Using a search operator "allintitle:" can make things a lot easier. Just add the opertor "allintitle:"  (without quotes) before the search term you are looking for and Youtube will show only those videos that have your search terms in the title.

Move Youtube video (forward or backward) one frame at a time -

Many a times we need to pause the video at some exact moment, not a single frame forward or backward. May be there is some text you want to read or there is some screenshot you want to capture. Pausing the video at the exact point of time is quite difficult but if you are on PC or Mac then we have a solution for you. Pause the video approximately near the exact point that you want, now use the comma and period keys on your keyboard to move the video forward or backward respectively one frame at a time.

Use YouTube like a Music player -

YouTube is full of awesome music but the bad part is that Youtube is not intuitive enough to be used as a Music player. The good news is that now we have some great chrome extensions that can help music lovers.

Youtube ninja tricks

Upnext helps you make playlists of your favorite songs, find new songs and them easily to your playlist. Playtube also has similar features as upnext. Musixmatch adds lyrics to your favorite song videos so that you can sing along easily.

Watch Youtube TV -

We know how to cast youtube on our smart TV but very few Youtubers know about the feature of Youtube in which they can get the same TV experience on their computer screen. Just access Youtube with URL -

Youtube Tricks

The benefit of using Youtube in this mode is that it looks more professional and is easy to navigate. Especially if you have to make any presentation to some public gathering then opening youtube in this mode is the best way.

Slow down YouTube video -

This trick will help you a lot if you are watching an instructions video and you need to follow the instructor step by step. Though a lot of instructors are wise enough to go at the pace at which people can follow them but a lot of them are not that wise and make the videos at a fast pace.

Youtube Tricks

To cope up with such videos just click on the gear icon at the bottom right hand corner and select speed and choose the speed level that suits you the most.

Use Youtube Community -

Yes, Now youtube is not just a video sharing site anymore. Video creators can now interact with their audiences in a new way called "Community".

Youtube Tricks

This is the place where content creators can post interesting and informative stuff like GIFs, live videos, images etc. and their audiences can like/ dislike the post and even put forward their views on that post in form of comments.
Though this feature is currently limited to some of the most influential content creators but this will be soon available to all the users. To access this feature of any uploader just go to the "Community" tab on the uploader's channel.

Use Youtube keyboard shortcuts -

We have already seen the use of period and comma keys to move the video frame by frame. Here are some more hotkeys that can make your life as a youtuber much easier.

    K  - Pause
    J   - Rewind 10 seconds
    L  - Fast-forward 10 seconds
    M - Mute

    C  - Toggle Captions

There are a lot of other useful keyboard shortcuts for YouTube as well. Just go through them and make them a part of your work habits.

Use Youtube Notifications -

If you have subscribed to a lot of channels then chances are that yo can miss videos from your favorite uploader just because it was lying below hundreds of other videos from other channels. Just make full use of notifications from your favorite uploader and you'll never miss a video from that channel.

Youtube Tricks

To start notifications from a channel click on the bell icon next to the subscribe button and mark the checkbox.
You can also customize the way in which you want the alerts - just click you avatar -> click on the gear icon -> go to the Notifications tab and choose the settings that suit you the most.

Conclusion -

Just practice these Ninja tricks mentioned above and use them in your daily routine and soon you'll be watching YouTube like a Ninja. Apart from these Ninja tricks, you can also use some of the free chome extensions for youtube that suit your needs and you'll find that they have made your life a lot easier. Just for an example you can view YouTube video like a floating tab by using a free chrome extension called sidplayer.