Watch Youtube like never before

We all love Youtube and it is one of the best pass time and source of knowledge for majority of internet users. But the User interface and usability of Youtube, which has not changed much since a long time, is fast becoming unpopular among the users.

Watch Youtube like never before

YouTubers are looking for new features in their favorite online hangout but Google has been diappointing them by not making any major changes in YouTube. Today we have aggregated a long list of YouTube tricks, hacks, websites and chrome extensions that will totally change the way you watch YouTube for sure. This is a collection of some services and tricks that will totally change the look and feel of YouTube for you and will give you a new zeal to be on this awesome site. Also you'll be able to discover new videos that remain hidden otherwise.

Improve the way in which you watch youtube

Here is a list of tricks, hacks, websites and chrome extensions that will totally change the way you watch youtube.

Youtube Map explorer

There is so much of cultural variety around the world that it is impossible to personally explore all the cultures in one lifetime but we can use youtube to atleast have a view of all the different cultures prevailing in the different corners of the world. The culture of any part of the world is reflected in the videos that are uploaded by the people living there. We can use Youtube map explorer to watch videos on the basis of the location from where they are uploaded. This is a great way to explore and know about the cultures and traditions of any place.

watch Youtube like never before - Map explorer

This service starts off with a world map being displayed on the screen with a lot of locations marked on the map. Users can click any where on the map and a video will pop up that was uploaded from that location. As we click on different areas of the map the videos keep changing even for a slight difference in the two locations.
Users can also search for locations in the search bar if they want to view videos from a particular location and can't locate it on the map, also users can also choose the type of videos that should be displayed i.e. whether the most liked videos should be displayed or the latest uploaded videos should be displayed. This cool service is a must have in your bookmarks if you are interested in familiarising yourself to the different traditions and cultures around the world or simply get the most entertaining stuff from around the world.


Official Website Link - Youtube Map Explorer


If you are one of those who like to watch things before anybody else does and like to boast to your friends that you have already seen stuff that they don't even know about, then this site is the right stop for you and you should visit it regularly. Noutube serves its uers with the most recently uploaded videos on the videos and there is a good chance that you become the first person to watch any video.

watch Youtube like never before - Noutube

Thanks to the frequency with which Youtubers around the world upload videos on the site that Noutube is never short of a video. Whenever you'll try to access a new video Noutube will serve you with one video uploaded most recently on youtube. While you are watching a video and want to change the video, just click on the button marked as "Even newer video" and the site will serve you with one more latest video.
This site is a cool way that will always keep you ahead of your friends in watching latest interesting stuff on youtube.


Official Website Link - Noutube

Music player

Youtube has some great collection of music but the problem is that it is not designed to be used as a music player where you can easily play all your favorite songs without interruption. Use these three free chrome extensions to easily use Youtube as a music player.

Youtube music player

Upnext helps you find new songs and easily make playlists of your favorite songs. Adding songs to your playlists is supereasy. Playtube also has similar features like upnext but is not very intuitive as compared to Upnext.  Musixmatch is great for music lovers and singers as it adds lyrics to your favorite song videos so that you can sing along easily.


Dark skin for Youtube

A lot of people like to use their favorite software in dark mode. Even Microsoft had to introduce a registry hack to enable Dark mode in Windows 10  to acknowledge the demand of the users. Many Youtube users also want to view youtube in dark mode. Though we have discussed a tweak to enable dark theme in youtube but for those who want to keep things simple - this chrome extension makes it possible to view youtube in dark mode.

watch Youtube like never before - Dark skin

Read more about Dark skin and get the official link for download.

Youtube Roulette

So many times we are stuck on thinking about the video that we should play next once we are done with the currently playing video. Youtube Roullete solves this problem. Youtube Roullette will endlessly serve you with good videos picked randomly one after another. Though Roulette does not disclose the criteria on which the videos are picked for the viewers but we can say that the video that it picks are really cool and interesting and one doesen't need to worry about searching for interesting stuff available on youtube right now.

watch Youtube like never before - Roulette

There are a lot of categories by which one can filter the videos that will be played. The popular categories include - music, sports, funny, games etc. Moreover the categories can also be picked randomly but selecting the random category option. Viewers can also make use of the tags in which the videos are categorized if they want to view videos of a particular type. Some of the tags that show up are - NBA, Instagram, Taylor Swift, Trailers,  GoPro etc. Users can also search for particular videos that they want to watch using the search box at the top of the page.
To summarize - this service is a great one if you do not want to miss any interesting video on youtube and are tired of searching for cool stuff that somehow you just can't find.


Official Website Link - Youtube Roulette


My 90s TV
watch Youtube like never before - My90sTv


This site is like a goldmine of entertainment for those who have grown up watching TV in the 1990s. This site aggregates all the TV stuff from the 1990s that is available on youtube and brings it under one hood. Now you do not have to search youtube for your favorite TV shows, commercials, movies, music of your childhood - if it is available on youtube, you'll easily find it here.
The interface of the site is also very interesting and will give you a feel as if you are watching your TV set which you loved so much as a child. The available stuff is categorized year-wise (1990 to 1999). Just choose the year and you'll get ready to see stuff from that year. To make things easier for you - all the cool stuff on the site is put into categories like Cartoons, Comedy, commercials, drama, soaps, game shows, kids’ shows, movies and trailers, music, news, sports, and talk shows. This makes searching for things so much easier and organised.


Official Website Link - My 90s TV

Youtube TV

If you are a bit bored with the user interface of Youtube and are looking for some new user experience from the site then you can watch Youtube in TV mode. Just go to the address bar of your browser and type the URL instead of the usual

youtube tv

You'll get to see youtube in TV mode in which you'll be able to find videos in a very new attractive manner. The usability will be increased manifolds and searching for videos will be a lot more easier.



This useful chrome extension allows its users to search for other videos without the need to stop the currently playing video. Those who watch a lot of videos continously, this chrome extension can be very helpful. One can search in youtube while the video continues to play.

watch Youtube like never before - Queuetube

Read more about QueueTube and get the official link for download.

This again will make you the first one to watch any video but the concept of is very different from Noutube. Those who upload videos on youtube regularly and are very active must be knowing the concepts of promoting videos. Labelling the video properly and adding description and keywords is very important for proper outreach of your video. Not every one is aware of these methods and they upload their videos without even labelling them and as a result the videos remain hidden from the rest of the world.

watch Youtube like never before -

This is where makes an entry. It searches for videos which have generic names and zero views and are uploaded in the past one week. Each video plays for a few seconds and then a new video jumps in. If you like the video in this time you can click on youtube button to go and watch the video on youtube itself.
This is a great way of viewing stuff that no one else has seen and this feeling is quite satisfying in its own way. Give this service a try and who know you might find some cool and interesting stuff lying unexplored.


Official Website Link -


Tubelister is a cool chrome extension for heavy Youtube users. Often we open a lot of videos in different tabs and then things become very messy. Tubelister organises everything for you, aggregates all these videos and convert them into a playlist.

watch Youtube like never before - Tubelister

Read more about Tubelister and get the official link for download.

Youtube Go
watch Youtube like never before - Youtube Go

We all know that there are loads of apps and downloaders available that can illicitly download youtube videos but one should try and stay away from these unofficial downloaders as some of them may also contain malicious piece of code. Youtube Go is the official app for those who want to save youtube videos on their hard drive.
This app is designed keeping in mind the users who do not have high speed and unlimited internet connections. Users have options to download videos in different quality if someone is running low on data.
Also there is a feature where users can save data by viewing the preview of the whole video clip without the need to stream or download the whole video. Users can also share their favorite videos with their friends without worrying about data consumption. The app also works on older versions of Android back to Android 4.1 (Jellybean).


Official App Download Link


Note # Though you can install and enjoy the app from the link given above, the app is still in beta and unreleased phase and can be unstable. One might need to manually install the app.


MINI Fast Forward

This cool chrome extension from Mini cooper allows its users to fast forward the YouTube videos just by pressing the "S" key of their keyboard. Users can view videos upto eight times faster and can also zoom in the video using this extension.

watch Youtube like never before - Mini Fast Forward

Read more about MINI Fast Forward and get the official link for download.

Wrapping it Up -

Just try the above mentioned sites, tricks and chrome extensions and your YouTube experience will see a new high. Once you incorporate these YouTube tricks in your work style you'll be using YouTube in a totally new way. Ither than these - You might also want to see how you canpause a YouTube video smartly and preview videos directly from their links.