14 Most beautiful tourist destinations in Australia

Here are some of the most beautiful places one should plan to visit in Australia. Australia is known for its spectacular scene sights and unspoiled natural beauty. It is one of the most popular stop for tourists from all over the world. Here is a list of most beautiful tourists attractions that one should not miss when in Australia.

14 Most beautiful tourist destinations in Australia

Next time when you are planning your vacations with your family or friends then don't forget to consider these awesome places in Australia.

Most Beautiful Tourist Spots of Australia -

Most Beautiful places in Australia - Brisbane

Brisbane is the fastest growing city of Australia and a major attraction for international tourism due to many reasons. Apart from the striking scene sights that Brisbane possess, its climate also plays an important role in making it one the most loved tourist destinations of Australia. Brisbane enjoys a warm weather throughout the year which is a big relief for international tourists. Brisbane is the third largest city in Australia with a population of 2 million and is the capital city of State of Queensland.


Most Beautiful places in Australia - Adelaide

Adelaide is the fifth largest city of Australia and the capital of South Australia. More that 75% of the whole population of South Australia lives in Adelaide metropolitan area which amounts to about 1.2 million people. Adelaide is a picturesque coastal city and has some awesome artchitechtural heritage and is also known as the city of churches. Some of the most famous wine regions of Australia are located at the borders of Adelaide. Adelaide is situated in between the St. Vincent Gulf and the Adellaide hills and has some beautiful beaches that run for miles and are a paradise for surfers.


Kangaroo Island
Most Beautiful places in Australia - Kangaroo Island

This is a less explored yet very scenic part of Australia. There are hosts of spectacular landscapes and bushlands in Kangaroo Island. Those who love fishing should definitely include a trip to this awesome place in their vacation schedule. The scenic views of unique wildlife and soothing ambiance of the place relaxes the mind of the tourists. One can easily view the most wonderful wildlife here which includes rare birds, wallabies, penguin colonies, sea lions and quite obviously kangaroos and koalas roaming around freely.


Most Beautiful places in Australia - Perth

The capital of Western Australia, Perth is the fourth largest city of Australia and has a population of about 2 million people. This lively city is situated on the southwestern coastline of Australia and is isolated from other big cities of the country. This makes Perth unparalleled in itself and the lively and youthful atmosphere of the city makes it even more unique.



Most Beautiful places in Australia - Broome

Broome is a bit underrated tourist spot of Australia but is undoubtedly a beautiful place for people who prefer to stretch and relax in their vacations. Along with spectacular scenic views, Broome has a quiet and relaxed ambiance which makes it a first choice for peace seeking tourists. Some natural phenomenon that create absolutely breathtaking sights adds to Broome's uniqueness. For example the horizontal falls where the waterfalls fall horizontally, the Town beach, known for the staircase to the Moon, has the imprints of millions of years old dinosaurs on the sand.


Most Beautiful places in Australia - Darwin

Darwin in itself is a perfect example of an invincible spirit. This city, with a total population of about 75000, was once devastated in World War II. Yet it rose up to become one of the most popular and beautiful vacation spot for people all around the globe. It is one of the major cities of Australia and is a transportation center as it is located at the coastline of Northern territory of Australia and is close to other countries in the Indian Ocean.


Phillip Island
Most Beautiful places in Australia - Phillip Island

Located in the State of Victoria, this beautiful island is loaded with untouched natural beauty and picturesque scene sights. The uniqueness of this island is the range of natural landscapes one can view here. The sights range from sandy beaches and rocky cliffs to mangrove flats and wetlands. The beaches in the region are most popular among the surfers, so if you love to surf don't give this place a miss.


Alice Springs
Most Beautiful places in Australia - Alice Springs

Alice Spings is a small town of Australia with a population of 28,000 but it is rich in heritage and natural features like desert landscapes and gorges. It has some beautiful scenaries that make it a favorite destination of many travelers and adventurers from around the world. Ayers Rock, Kings canyon and the Olgas are some of the major tourists attractions in Alice Springs. This region is also home for various primaeval communities of Australia. The fact that Alice Spring is nearly nine hundred miles from the nearist major city of Australia makes it even more unique and interesting.


Most Beautiful places in Australia - Sydney

Sydney is a well known name and need no introduction even to non-travelers. It is one of the most celebrated tourists spot of the world. The cruise ride under the Sydney harbor bridge and past the world famous Sydney Opera house is the most popular attraction in Sydney for the tourists. Sydney is a modern city located on country's southeastern coast and has a beautiful harbor. Sydney is the capital of New South Wales.


Most Beautiful places in Australia - Melbourne

Melboune is considered as the cultural capital of Australia. Cricket fans may relate melbourne to the great MCG (Melbourne Cricket ground) .MCG is one of the major attractions for tourists from around the world but there are other features of Melbourne as well that attract tourists. Melbourne is a well planned city and has a lively lifestyle with great venues for shopping and food. Melbourne is situated at the natural bay of port Phillip. The fact that Melbourne is a port city also makes it a popular destination for travelers. Melbourne is the second most populated city of the country and is the capital city of State of Victoria.


Most Beautiful places in Australia - Tasmania

Tasmania is a gold mine for Adventure seekers. This region is full of beautiful maountain ranges and natural landscapes which makes it the first choice for hikers. Tourists can enjoy beautiful waterfalls and explore rare vegetations while taking a walk near the Dove lake. A six day long guided hike along the famed Overland Track is a very popular attraction among the travelers. To sum up, Tasmania should be your first choice if you are an adventure lover and like to view and enjoy unspoiled natural beauty.


Great Barrier Reef
Most Beautiful places in Australia - GB Reef

Being the world's largest barrier reef system, the Great Barrier Reef is the most popular travel destination for scuba divers, underwater explorers and adventurers. The Great Barrier Reef offers the most unique ecosystem as it is formed by uncountable living organisms over a period of millions of years. The Great Barrier Reef spreads over hundreds of cays and islands and a vast area of about tree thousand coral reefs.


Most Beautiful places in Australia - Cairns

This is yet another popular vacation destination of Australia with a lot of coastal scenaries and adventure opportunities for the travelers.

With a population of nearly 150,000 Cairns is one of the most stylish city of the country. Cairns is situated close to the Great Barrier Reef and enjoys tropical climate and a brisk atmosphere which makes it even more popular among the tourists.


Most Beautiful places in Australia - Hobart

Hobart - the capital city of Tasmania, is the second oldest city of Australia, first being Sydney. The climate of Hobart is perfect for a tourists destination. People here enjoy four different seasons and a mild temperate climate. Hobart is known for its fine architectural heritage and has many examples of Victorian and Georgian architecture.