Android Tips and Tricks - Enable Screen Pinning

If your Android phone lives in many hands apart from yours, like in a hostel room, office environment where colleagues are more like friends or even at home where kids pick up your phone without your knowing then this topic may interest you.

Android Tips and Tricks - Enable Screen Pinning

There are some apps that we don’t want everyone to view like whatsapp messages, or emails, or there can be some content on our phone that we don’t want kids to see. Android smart lock is one protective measure for safeguarding your Android. Another method for this is to pin lock screen in Android.

Screen Pinning in Android :

Screen pinning is an awesome way to keep us tension free when our phone is in others’ hands, with this feature enabled we can pin protect the screens that don’t want others to see and then those screens can be viewed after entering the pin.

To enable and setup screen pinning –

Step 1 :

Go to settings menu.

Step 2 :

Scroll down to the 'Security' in personal section. Click on 'Security' section.

Step 3 :

Go to Screen Pinning. Enable Screen pinning.

screen pinning


Step 4 :

Open the app you want to pin. Press the overview button (the square)

Enable Screen Pinning
Step 5 :

Touch the pin button.

Enable Screen Pinning


Enable Screen Pinning


Enable Screen Pinning


Step 6 :

Choose pin-protect if you want.


Unpin the screen in Android :

Try to acess the screen that has been pinned and android will itself let you know how to unpin the screen.

Enable Screen Pinning
Enable Screen Pinning

To Unpin the previously pinned Screen just touch and hold "Back" and "Overview" at the same time.

Enable Screen Pinning 

With this feature enabled your phone is much more safer than ever before.

Conclusion :

Screen pinning will make your phone a lot safer and you can stay tension free. Enabling the security features should be of top most priority for any user. Though improving the performance of your Android device and enhancing the user experience of the device by trying some simple tweaks like adding UI tuner or enabling priority mode should'nt be ignored but the security features are of utmost importance - one must remember.