Improve android performance : Change Animation scales in Android

A lot of droid users especially those using the entry-level phones complain a lot about their Android phones being slow and want to improve android performance.

Improve android performance : Change Animation scales in Android

The higher end phones have been able to maintain an up to the mark performance over the years but the entry-level devices are usually equipped with slower processors and only 1GB or 2GB of RAM to cut the cost. This causes a very annoying android experience. Even if these users try some Android tweaks to get rid annoying Android features, the overall experience is not good.

With a constant increase in the graphical enhancements of Android and apps and new Android UI features being added regularly, these devices vex their owners a lot and it becomes very important to optimize android performance on such handsets. One question that every Android user is thinking of is - how to improve performance of android phone? There are many tricks which can improve android performance, today we'll discuss one such trick.

Speed up android phone performance

Here is trick for users annoyed with their android slow performance. Changing phone’s “Window animation scale”, “Transition animation scale” and “Animator duration scale” from 1x to 0.5x can give a much flying experience to the users. Though this will not actually affect the speed of the phone but it will certainly appear to be faster and smoother.

Steps to change the above values –

Step 1 :

Enable Developers mode – Here’s how to enable Developer mode in Android.

Step 2 :

Go to main Settings menu.

Step 3 :

Scroll down to “Developers Options”.

Boost Android performance
Step 4 :

Find the needed options

Boost Android performance
 Boost Android performance
Boost Android performance 
Boost Android performance 

This is how you can change the above settings as per your needs.

Conclusion :

Changing the values of Animation scales will definitely give your Android device a boost in terms of performance. Though everyone wants to enable cool Android features that give their phone an altogether new user experience but at the end of the day performance is the key. There is no point in having very cool looking device which performs badly. Second prioriry that one should maintain should be security of the phone. Don't forget to enable Android security features that can make your life a lot safer.