Android Tips - How to Cast your Android Screen

Watching Your Android phone’s screen on a big monitor is always a fun.

Android Tips - How to Cast your Android Screen

Just imagine playing Temple run or Sniper X on a large screen, reading the ebooks stored in your phone on a big monitor, Showing your photo slide shows to your family on large screen, listening to the music playlists in your phone through your home theatre system and much more. Not only this imagine manging the app settings of your droid on a big screen. Won't it be fun?

Many Android users have a question in their mind that does chromecast work with android? The answer to this commonly asked question is "Yes" and today we'll see the process by which Android users can exploit the cast function with chromecast.


How to cast from chrome browser on android :

Chromecast owners can exploit all these features of Android by using the cast function of Android. Though some of the applications have a dedicated cast button for this purpose but for others you'll have need to  follow the steps below to cast your Android screen.

Step 1 :

Open Quick settings menu

Step 2 :

Locate the “cast” option and hit it.

Step 3 :

Your phone will locate your chromecast and you are done.

Note # Your phone and Chromecast should be on the same network for your phone to find it.