Smart lock - Android : Setting up Smart Lock in Android

Setting up a Keypad lock is a basic security measure one should always take to keep your phone safe even if it falls into wrong hands by mistake. But one irksome thing about keypad lock is that we have to deal with it even if we are at our home or in some other trusted environment. Though there are various methods to secure android phone but a keypad lock is a very basic approach and is a must for every Android user.

Smart lock - Android : Setting up Smart Lock in Android

Suppose we are lucky enough to spend most of our time in a trusted environment, but still we have to unlock our keypad every time we use our phone. This can be annoying at times.

Disabling keypad lock is also not the solution because what if we forget to enable it before we go out of our trusted location. This can be risky.

Android Smart Lock

Smart lock for android is actually an awesome solution to this problem. It uses GPS to locate that the phone is currently in a trusted location and turns off keypad lock. Ohh!!! What a relief. Not only GPS, Smart lock can be set up to recognize certain networks, user’s face or voice to keep the phone unlocked.

To set up Smart lock for Android –

Step 1 :

Go to Settings.

Step 2 :

Scroll down to the Security section.

Step 3 :

Locate and click Smart lock.

Conclusion :

Enabling and using smart lock will surely make your android phone lot safer and your life much easier. Not having to manually lock and unlock your phone can be a blessing, one has to use it to realise it.