Enabling Priority mode in Android

Priority mode is a super cool feature of Android but unfortunately it is not exploited to the fullest by Droid users. Android App Notifications can be too annoying at times and to disable app notifications is not always a good idea.

Enabling Priority mode in Android

Enabling Priority mode in Android allows the user to choose what sound notifications are allowed to disturb you even when your phone is in “quiet mode”. In my opinion this is a great assistance one can get from an operating system. There are times when we hesitate from putting our phone on silent even when we need it the most just because we are expecting and important message from someone that we cannot afford to miss.

Enable Priority Mode in Android 6.0 :

Setting up Priority mode is the best solution for situations discussed above. You can now decide and choose the contacts whose calls, SMS or WhatsApp messages can ring your phone even in silent mode. You can also exempt notifications from chosen apps, alerts and alarms from quiet mode.

To setup Priority mode –

Step 1 :

Go to Main Settings menu.

Step 2 :

Locate and scroll down to Sound and Notifications.

Enabling Priority mode in Android
Step 3 :

Select Do not disturb.

Enabling Priority mode in Android
Step 4:

Choose the options as per your requirement.

Enabling Priority mode in Android


Enabling Priority mode in Android
Note# Once set Priority mode can be switched on and off from Quick settings menu.

Conclusion :

This feature may not be directly related to Android performance but the enhancement in the user experience will definitely give you a feel of improved performance. One might think that enabling priority mode in android is not that necessary but the importance of priority mode in Android will be realised when we'll some important call due to our phone being on silent mode. Android has been continously inproving the way Android users can use their Droid and allow its users to enable priority mode in Android is just a step in this direction. Google has now allowed its users to manage Android app permissions in a new way which will again make the lives of its users much easier.