Android app notifications : Locate and Manage Annoying App Notifications

Android app notifications might turn out to be very useful at times but not all app developers schedule their notifications while keeping user’s ease in mind. Often users seem to be annoyed by some annoying app notifications.

Android app notifications : Locate and Manage Annoying App Notifications

Though one trick to get rid of these troublesome notifications is to Enable Priority mode in Android but this cannot be a permanent solution to the problem and as the number of apps installed on our phone increases the number of notifications irrelevant to us also increases. At times it becomes so difficult to figure out which app is responsible for the most annoying notifications on our phone, hence it becomes utmost important to manage app notifications in Android. This will not only save you from the annoyance but will also affect your android's performance.

Disable app notifications android

Interestingly every other android user is in search of the answer to a very common question - how to turn off app notifications on android? Rather than fully turning off app notifications, the better approach is to manage android app notifications wisely. Today we'll learn a very easy and shortcut method to manage android app notifications from a particular app that is annoying you a lot.

Manage app notifications in android

Here are some steps that will not only help you in easily figuring out the culprit apps but also let you manage the notifications delivered by that app.

Step 1 :

Locate any one notification that is annoying you. Long press the notification. You’ll be shown the name of the app that is causing that notification. Now you know which app is causing the notification.

Locate and Manage Annoying App Notifications
Step 2 :

To manage the notification settings of the app – press the information icon displayed after you long pressed the notification.

Locate and Manage Annoying App Notifications
Step 3 :

Now you’ll be presented with the notifications settings of the application that was responsible for that annoying notification.

Step 4 :

You’ll be given notification management options for that app. Option will be like - block all notifications, override priority mode, hide private information. Choose the one that suits you best.

Conclusion :

Now that you have learnt how to manage annoying apps you have a number of options how to handle these notifications like you can totally block such notifications or if you have your Android priority mode enabled then you can get your app to override the settings in your priority mode. By now you must have understood that these settings will make your life a lot easier as an Android user. BTW Adding UI tuner to your Android settings menu can make your life easier too, just give it a try :) . Apart from usre experience one should be equally concerned about the security of the phone. One should always be in the know of features like Android screen pinning and android smart lock. Along with phone security if you are keen to improve how your device performance you can manage the animation scale settings that will improve Android performance, but wait a sec, before you do that you'll have learn how to enable developers mode in Android.