Google Chrome task manager

If you are a heavy internet user you must have faced times where there are numerous tabs open in your web browser simultaneously and some of the sites have stopped responding.

Google Chrome task manager

At times these situations can be really annoying and can waste your precious time. Chrome is known to give users' ease of use highest priority. Chrome has many features like Google Chrome Translate, saving Clickable icons, search other websites directly from Google Chrome etc. that are aimed to make web surfing easier.


In case of non-responding websites also Chrome has great feature that not many users know about. Our operating systems like Windows, Linux, OSX have task managers that can be used to end non-responding programs. In the same way there is a Google Chrome task manager that can be used to save time by closing the tabs of the websites that are not responding.

How to Open Google Chrome Task Manager?

There are two methods by which we can open Google Chrome task manager -

Method 1: The keyboard shortcut method –

Press “Shift + Esc” to launch Task Manager

Method 2: The Menu Option Method

                Open Main Menu

                Click More Tools

                Click on Task Manager

Chrome Built in Task Manager

How to Use Google Chrome Task Manager?

Once the Task manager is open follow the steps below to close the non-responding sites:

Step 1:

Task Manager lists the open websites, Plugins and Apps. The sites are listed with the name ‘Tab’. Look out for the Site that is not responding.

Step 2:

Select the Tab (or Site) that is not responding.

Chrome Built in Task Manager
Step 3:

Click On the End Process button.

Chrome Built in Task Manager

Conclusion :

Hopefully after starting using chrome's task manager one would never waste time because of non-responding tab. We have all used task managers in computer operating systems and have exploited its benfits for years, but a web browser having its own task manager is a great idea I believe and a feature that should be used in day to day life.