Google Chrome Tricks and Secrets - Explore Secret pages

Google Chrome is full of interesting features and secrets. Many users would be surprised that while using Google chrome we do not even have to visit the website to search content in it. We can directly search within a website from Google Chrome. Users can directly translate a text in Google chrome. There are loads of such secrets. Today we discuss about some secret pages that are normally not explored by users.

Google Chrome Tricks and Secrets - Explore Secret pages

If you are really really really bored of surfing the net and viewing the same type of old pages then you have a couple of options to exploit Google chrome tricks and secrets and pass some quality time.

Either you can play google chrome offline game or you can exploit one of the Google Chrome hidden features that lets you view hidden pages in Chrome.


What are Google Chrome Hidden Pages?

Chrome has some hidden pages there for you that can keep you engaged for some time. Though these pages are basically designed for developers and these pages help them view different metrics and reports that will help them improve their coding and get rid of bugs. Casual users can also have a look at these pages and pass some time while increasing their common technological knowledge.

How to access Google Chrome Secret Pages?

To access Google chrome secret pages follow the steps listed below -

Step 1:

Type “chrome://chrome-urls” in Omnibox [Address bar] and hit enter.


You’ll be presented with a list of these hidden chrome pages with clickable links. Most of these pages are useful for developers only, but just play around these links and have fun.


Conclusion : 

Though these hidden pages might not mean to you a lot if you are not a developer but it is always nice and knowledgable to know what is going on underneath in any software. Google Chrome being such a sophisticated piece of software, having a look at the hidden pages about internals of chrom can enhance your knowledge about a lot of things reagarding the working of internet. Once you are done exploring these pages you might well be interested in making your chrome browsing more secure.