Play Hidden Google Chrome offline game

OOPS!!! Internet got disconnected!!! Couldn’t get it working due to some reason!!! Don’t have anything interesting to do without internet??? Need to kill time???

Play Hidden Google Chrome offline game

No need to go anywhere else, Chrome itself has a hidden game which can be used to kill some time. Among the numerous Google Chrome hidden features is a classic game that can be played only when you are not connected to the internet. This Google Chrome offline game features an 8 bit monochromatic T-Rex which can run endlessly to gain points and can hop over obstructions to save its life. Though looks very old fashioned in today’s graphical times but has a cool retro feel, is fun to play and a nice time killer.

How to Access this hidden Google Chrome Offline game?

To access this game –

Step 1:

Disconnect your device from the internet.

Step 2:

Open a new tab in Chrome.

Step 3:

A page will appear prompting that there is no internet connection.

Play Hidden Game in Chrome
Step 4:

Look at the top of the prompt – there will be a small 8-bit monochromatic T-Rex.


Step 5:

Hit space bar to start the game. The T-Rex will start running endlessly.

Step 6:

To save it from hitting the obstructions just hit spacebar and it will hop.

Play Hidden Game in Chrome

Now kill as much time as you need to.

Conclusion :

In this era of grapically rich gmaes, this tiddly Google chrome offline game might look very trivial and boring, but imagine yourself on a machine where you do not have any game installed and do not have the internet accesibility either. In such situations this small game can prove to be a lifesaver. Such features of google chrome proves again and again that it cares a lot about its users. Not only this offline game but small yet important features like creating link icons, using chrome task manager etc. also prove time again that chrome gives highest priority to its users' comfort.