Google Chrome security - Safeguard your kid on internet

Google has incorporated many features in its browser Chrome which ensures smooth and safe web browsing. Features like Google Chrome task manager, Saving clickable link icons, Google Chrome translate, using Omnibox instead of address bar, searching a website from Google Chrome etc. are just a few features in this long list. But internet security for Google chrome is of utmost importance and Google and done a good job in this field as well.

Google Chrome security - Safeguard your kid on internet

Not all content on internet is safe and suitable for kids to watch, everyone would agree. It is of utmost importance for us to keep our kids away from such content.

There is a cool Google Chrome security feature that can help us do that. Chrome allows us to create a separate profile that can be controlled and monitored. Though this feature can be used to create a profile for anyone working under you but one of the best exploit of this feature is to keep a watch on your kids.

How to create a profile in Google Chrome?

Steps to create a profile in chrome –

Step 1 :

 Got to Settings.

 Safeguard your kid on internet
Step 2 :

Scroll down to ‘People’ section.

 Safeguard your kid on internet
Step 3 :

Click on the “Add Person” button.

 Safeguard your kid on internet


Step 4 :

Sign In to your Google Account before you procede. Check the option – “Control and view the websites this person visits”.

 Safeguard your kid on internet
Step 5 :

Click “Add”. The person you have just added will not be set up with his/her own Google identity and will not be tracked by Google.

Safeguard your child on internet
Step 6 :

After some time – a few minutes – you’ll receive an email from Google. There will be a link to the user’s page of the person you just created in the mail. Click on the link to go to the user’s page.

Step 7 :

On the page you’ll have the option to block certain sites, enable safe Search and view user’s web activity.

Step 8 :

The next time your kid starts to work on the web – just log your kid into chrome under their own identity by clicking on the identity tab on the top-right corner of the browser.

Conclusion :

CyberSecurity should always be of highest priority for any user. Not only computers, any device, on which we use internet, should be fully equipped with security tools. If you surf web on your Droid then you should be well aware of Android security features. In case of chrome we have just learned a great way of safeguarding your kid from inappropriate content on the web. Not only kids, this useful feature of Chrome can be used in many different ways such as in offices, public cyber cafes etc.