Google Chrome Tips - Save Clickable link icons from chrome to your desktop

Google chrome seems to be determined to provide its users with a swift and seamless experience. Google task manager and Chrome web search can be two good examples to support this statement. Here we discuss another chrome feature that tries to make life of chrome users easier.

Google Chrome Tips - Save Clickable link icons from chrome to your desktop

We all know about bookmarks and managing bookmarks as well. But in my personal opinion and experience saving links in form of clickable icons is much easier and manageable than bookmarking them.

The only problem was to create these clickable link icons is creating them with ease. Now chrome brings you a method with which you can create clickable icons of links on your desktop without putting in much effort. For those users who want to do things in sophisticated manner, there is method to create link icons in chrome from menu.

How to create clickable link icons?

To create clickable icons of links to save –

Step 1:

Open chrome and render the web page whose URL you want to save as clickable icon.

Save Clickable link icons from chrome
Step 2:

Highlight the URL in omnibox.

Save Clickable link icons from chrome
Step 3:

drag and drop the URL on the desktop.

Step 4:

Voila!!! Chrome has created a clickable icon for the URL of this page on the desktop. This icon can be clicked later to open the page. These icons are very easy to maintain in folders as compared to bookmarks.

Note# - This shortcut will open the link in your default web browser i.e. if Firefox is your default web browser then this link will by default open in Firefox even if you have created the shortcut from chrome. If you want to create a shortcut which opens the link in chrome itself try to learn how to create a link shortcut from chrome.

Conclusion :

Just make it a habit to create link icons by just dragging and dropping the web page urls, name these link icons appropriately and organise them properly in folders and you'll soon find that you have already improved the way you use and surf your favorite web pages. BTW if you are already tired surfing the web for the day - just try this cool chrome offline game to give your mind a small break :)