How to search a website with Google Chrome?

Google Chrome’s Omnibox is a super powerful tool but much of its capabilities are still not exploited to the fullest by majority of chrome users. If you have ever wanted to search within a website but did not want to visit that site then you must have asked yourself for sure that how to search a website with Google Chrome? Now you can get your answer - Chrome has a great feature through which we can make a search in any search engine or any website with search functionality directly through chrome omnibox without the need to open that site in the browser.

How to search a website with Google Chrome?

Also we can assign shortcut keywords for every site so that we do not have to type the full website name again and again e.g. we can assign a shortcut keyword ‘dict’ to Now we just have to type ‘dict’ in the omnibox and hit Tab or Spacebar and chrome will automatically know that we want to search

Here are the steps we need to follow to exploit this feature of Chrome. Before being able to use this useful feature we need to add the search engine in question or the website we want to search often to the list of search engines added to Google Chrome. If you are not aware of this list then just read - View Google Chrome search engine list.

How to add a search engine to google chrome?

Below are the steps to add any website or search engine to Chrome’s List of Search Engines

Note# : Though Chrome can do this step automatically, only thing we need to do this is visit the desired search engine and make a search query. Chrome will read how the search engine works and will itself add it to the list of search engines.

e.g. just visit through Chrome and make any random query. Now when you’ll open the list of Search engines in Chrome you’ll find that is already added to the list.

But this won’t work for all search engines and websites hence we need to know how to add sites to this list manually as well.

Step 1:

Open the Google Chrome Search Engine List.

Step 2:

Now Look at the section where “Other Search Engines” are Listed. We want our sites to be added to this list.

Use any Search engine directly from Google Chrome


Step 3:

Fill the data fields with correct data. The first text box is the name of the website or the search engine we want to add to the list.

Second text box is the nickname or a shortcut keyword we want to assign to this site. The third text box is the url used by the site to make the query. [Note # There is a small process to find Google Chrome search engine url, follow the process to find out the correct URLs.]

Lets understand the above process by two examples. Suppose we want to add and in the list of search engines. The data we need to enter in the list dialogue box is as follows:

Site name :

Keyword:aol (Keyword can be anything you like – better to keep it simple)

Url: ""

Use any Search engine directly from Google Chrome

Keyword : dict


Use any Search engine directly from Google Chrome
Step 4:

After entering the data hit the Done button because we are actually done with the process and ready to use the feature.

To use this feature of Chrome Just go to the Omnibox of chrome

Step A:

Type the keyword you have set for the search engine or website. In our case it is ‘aol’ or ‘dict’.

Step B:

Hit the Tab button or Space Bar. Here Chrome will automatically prompt in omnibox – “Search”.

Step C:

Enter the keyword you want to search and hit enter. You will be taken directly to the result page of the site you wanted to search.

Conclusion :

Now you are ready to take your web searches a step forward from how you used to do earlier. Just make it a habit to search driectly from chrome. It might take some time but once it gets into your daily netiquettes, it will eventually change the way you search the web. Chrome is currently leading the browser market with a big margin, thanks to such cool features and swift functioning of chrome. Apart from these cool features one major reason of this popularity is chrome's security features which makes it a class apart.