How to uninstall Google chrome on iPhone?

Though Google chrome has some very useful features but some of the users prefer to use other web browsers and get rid of Google chrome. Especially a lot of iPhone users are not a great fan of Google chrome.

How to uninstall Google chrome on iPhone?

Google chrome has some really cool features - e.g. searching websites directly from chrome can come on very handy many a times. The page prefetch feature is very helpful in making chrome really fast. The cool chrome extensions make it even more powerful and also for the fun part, it also has a hidden game to be played offline.

Though features like these make chrome a powerful browser and the market leader, but other browsers are also really good and people rightly prefer them over Google chrome.

Note # Google Chrome cannot be uninstalled on Android.

Uninstall Google chrome on iPhone -

If you want to uninstall Google chrome from your iPhone then here are the steps you need to perform -

Step 1 :

Touch and hold the Chrome app on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 2 :

Tap Remove at the top left of the icon.

Step 3 :

Tap “Delete” if you want to remove Chrome and delete your profile information, like bookmarks and history.

Conclusion - 

Though Google chrome is a great web browser and many users make it their default browser but others prefer using different browsers, giving other browsers a chance is also a good idea. This is why some of the Windows 10 users also want to uninstall Google chrome from their box.