How to make Google chrome faster on computer?

Every user wants to work on a computer system that works swiftly like a breeze. Same is true for web surfing. In this technology era when high speed internet is becoming so common all over the world, experiencing slow internet surfing just because of a slow web browser can be very annoying.

How to make Google chrome faster on computer?

But with the evolution of technology, the websites that we surf regularly are also becoming heavy day by day. Hence to experience a seemilngly swift web surfing experience it is of utmost importance that we keep our browser in good shape and optimize it for faster performance.

How to speed up Google chrome?

Here are a few steps one can take to speed up Google chrome.

Step 1 :

Update Google Chrome : A web browser that is not updated might face some problem in dealing with latest web issues and in turn can slow down. Hence it is very important to keep your chrome up to date. Here is the official link to Update google Chrome -  Update Google Chrome.

Step 2 :

Turn Off Extensions : Chrome extensions can slow down the processing of your Google chrome hence don't forget to turn off unnecessary chrome Extensions and keep only those extensions in active state that you use regularly.

Step 3 :

Close any unused Tabs : Yes!! even the number of open tabs can affect the performance of your web browser. Make it a habit to close any open tab of chrome that is not in use any more.

Bonus Tip# If there are a lot of tabs open in the browser and one of them is making some noise then you can immediately identify and mute the noisy tab in chrome without the need of opening all the browser windows to find the one that is making noise.


Step 4 :

Turn off unwanted plugins :  Like Extensions plugins also affect chrome's performance so make it a habit to turn off unwanted plugins.

Note# With the recent update Chrome has ended support for any plugin except flash. Even flash requires permission from the user to run.


Step 5 :

Turn on Page prefetch : Page prefetch is a good way of making your web surfing experience super fast. Here is how to turn on page prefetch in Google Chrome.

Step 6 :

Use Google Chrome Task manager optimally : Google has an awesome in-built task manager but a lot of chrome users are unaware of this. A lot of times some script slows down the browser or even hangs it. By using Google chrome's task manager you can easily identify such scripts and other reasons that are slowing down your browser and get rid of those reasons.

Step 7 :

Search Websites directly through chrome Omnibox : This might not directly affect the working or performance of chrome but it will definitely increase your work productivity while you are working on chrome. Here is how to search any website directly from chrome omnibox.

Step 8 :

Create Clickable link icons : This again is a tip to increase your productivity. Chrome users can easily save urls as clickable link icons  save on their hard disk. If used in an organised manner this can boost the way you use Google chrome and surf web.

Conclusion :

Just follow the steps mentioned above and enjoy a much faster Google chrome and a lot swifter web surfing experience.