Turn on Page prefetch in Google Chrome on Computer

Every single web user want his/her web browser to be as fast as possible. Google chrome users also want to make chrome faster. Turning on page prefetch is one of the ways to make chrome run smoother and faster.

Turn on Page prefetch in Google Chrome on Computer

The 'Prefetch' or 'Prerender' feature of Google chrome basically aims at making your web browsing much faster. The main concept behind prefetch is to cache linked pages of the currently open web page even before the user open those pages.

Here is a step by step tutorial on how this feature of Google Chrome can be exploited to Speed up Google Chrome.

Turn on page prefetch in Google Chrome -

Step 1 :

Open Google Chrome on your computer.

Turn on Page prefetch
Step 2 :

Click “More” at the top right.

Turn on Page prefetch
Step 3 :

Click “Settings”

Turn on Page prefetch


Step 4 :

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and Click “Show Advanced settings”

Turn on Page prefetch
Step 5 :

Go to the “Privacy” section.

Turn on Page prefetch
Step 6 :

Locate the section which says – “Use a prediction service to load pages more quickly.”

Turn on Page prefetch
Step 7 :

Check the checkbox next to it.


Conclusion :

Though some of the users and critics are not very happy with this page prefetch concept and some like this feature to great extent. At the end of the day its upto you to use it or not. We believe on should try it once and keep track of the pros and cons of enabling it.

A Quick Tip : Setting up the home page of Google chrome to the web page you visit more often can also speed up your browsing.

Chrome extensions are a must for getting the best out of chrome but it is a fact that these extensions slow down your browser to a great extent. So don't forget to turn off unwanted chrome extensions to gain on some speed easily. Also keep in mind that there is a chrome task manager always ready to help you when your browser is slowing down.