Where does Google chrome store bookmarks?

Bookmarks are an unavoidable tool for systematic and organized web surfing. Almost everyone of us have their favorite websites and web pages bookmarked in our web browsers. Though some of the users prefer to save the web pages as clickable icons but a lot of users organise their favorite web pages through bookmarks.

Where does Google chrome store bookmarks?

The problem with Google chrome is that many chrome users are unaware about where are Google chrome bookmarks stored. Organised  bookmarks will not make your chrome faster but will play a vital role in improving the productivity of your web surfing and hence it is very important to keep the latest copy of your bookmarks backed up.

Below are the Google chrome bookmark locations for various Windows versions -

Where does Google chrome store bookmarks?

Windows XP

C:\Documents and Settings\<YOUR_USERNAME>\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default


Vista, 7 ,8, 10

C:\Users\<YOUR_USERNAME>\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default

Backup Google chrome Bookmarks

Now that you know the location of Google chrome bookmarks, it is a good idea to backup this bookmarks file and keep it in some external drive or secondary storage so that you have all your bookmarks safe just in case of an emergency. This is one of the ways to bookmark your chrome bookmarks - Go to the location specified above and copy the "Bookmarks" file to a safe location.

There is another way to backup Google chrome bookmarks. This is the export method - users can export Google chrome bookmarks directly from chrome and keep the exported file in a safe location to restore it later.

How to export Google chrome bookmarks?

One can backup Google chrome bokmarks by exporting them as an HTML file directly from Google Chrome. Below is the step by step process to take a backup of your Google chrome bookmarks as an HTML file -

Step 1 :

Open Chrome Browser

Step 2 :

In the toolbar Click Chrome menu.

where does google chrome store bookmarks
Step 3 :

Select “Bookmarks”.

where does google chrome store bookmarks
Step 4 :

Select the “Bookmark manager”.

where does google chrome store bookmarks
Step 5 :

In the manager Click on the “Organize” menu.

where does google chrome store bookmarks
Step 6 :

click on “Export bookmarks to HTML file”.

where does google chrome store bookmarks


Chrome will export the bookmarks as an HTML file.

Conclusion :

Having a backup of all the important information and data is counted among the best practices of safe computing. Same goes with web bookmarks. It is advised that one should make it a habit of taking backup of their bookmarks regularly to avoid any data loss. This will increase the productivity of your work. Apart from productivity, increasing the performance of your web browser is also very important. Getting rid of unwanted chrome extensions can help you a bit in this direction. Also necessary steps should be taken to improve security while your surf the net. You can achieve this to some extent if you choose to disable cookies on Google chrome.