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We have used keyboard shorcuts for Windows and other operating systems but oftena lot of users ignore the importance of keyboardshortcuts for other software including browsers.
Though Google chrome has some very useful features but some of the users prefer to use other web browsers and get rid of Google chrome. Especially a lot of iPhone users are not a great fan of Google chrome....
If you are a music fan and love to sing along with the songs then you are going to love this one. To use this cool chrome extension just turn on the captions of the Video and Leave the rest on MusixMatch.
We have seen how to convert YouTube into a music player by using the chrome extension Upnext. PlayTube is yet another chrome extension to accomplish this task. This Chrome extension..
If you are a heavy youtuber and literally live in youtube then chances are that you might have by now developed a habit of opening every video you like in a new tab
This chrome extension makes it possible to view youtube in dark mode.Though this would not be the official dark mode of youtube but it would be good enough for the eyes of the users.So if you watch a lot of Youtube at night and are looking to