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We have seen how to convert YouTube into a music player by using the chrome extension Upnext. PlayTube is yet another chrome extension to accomplish this task. This Chrome extension..
If you are a heavy youtuber and literally live in youtube then chances are that you might have by now developed a habit of opening every video you like in a new tab
This chrome extension makes it possible to view youtube in dark mode.Though this would not be the official dark mode of youtube but it would be good enough for the eyes of the users.So if you watch a lot of Youtube at night and are looking to
To use any software like pro one needs to be well versed in the keyboard shortcuts. Chrome is no different. To be able to use Google chrome swiftly and smoothly one need to know its keyboard shortcuts. Here is a list of....
Though we have loads of Android music apps for our smartphones these days but YouTube continues to be the best source of discovering music online.
YouTube suggestions might be a great way of exploring more videos, but some suggestions are very annoying at times. We get to see some movies that we have already...