How to add signature to Gmail through computer?

An email signature clearly describing your identity and designation can be of great help in many ways. Firstly, it can tell the readers of your mail a lot about you that they don't know. Email signatures are a great way of product promotion as well. If you have a website or any other product then you can mention it in your signature so that the readers know about it.

How to add signature to Gmail through computer?

Also one can make signature on Gmail with image, which can further boost the appeal of your mail to the readers. An appealing  relevant image can make your signature very attractive.

Users can insert signature in gmail messages by following the process explained below.Those who already have a signature in place but want to change it anyways can also follow the exact steps below to change your signature in Gmail.

Note # A gmail signature can have upto 10,000 characters.

How to setup a signature in Gmail?

Step 1 :

Log into your Gmail account.

Step 2 :

Click the gear icon in the top right.

Create Gmail signature on computer
Step 3 :

Click on Settings.

Create Gmail signature on computer


Step 4 :

Go to the “Signature” section.

Create Gmail signature on computer
Step 5 :

In the "Signature" section there is a text box available, add your signature text in the box.

Create Gmail signature on computer
Step 6 :

You can add an image to your signature or format your signature text by changing the text style.

Step 7 :

Click On Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

Conclusion :

Adding an email signature is considered a good practice for email communication. Readers get to know a lot about you from your email signature. Hence it is adviced that you follow the steps given above to create your Gmail signature. Another way of improving your appearance in your mails is to change your Gmail username to a more appealing name. There are some other tips that one can try to make Gmail usage more productive and organised - Setting up filters in Gmailcreating labels in Gmail - finding Archived emails in Gmail are a few examples.