How to archive messages in gmail on computer?

Gmail gives us a lot of space to store our messages. So much that it is very difficult to use all that space. Keeping that in mind we can start to use the archive feature of Gmail instead of deleting the mails from our inbox. This can be one more step towards keeping our gmail messages organised.

How to archive messages in gmail on computer?

Archiving a message is a nice feature in Gmail that many users do not even exploit. Usually while using Gmail we delete the messages that we do not need anymore,  not knowing that we can even archive them.

Instead of deleting a mail, it is considered a good practice to archive them. Below are the steps we need to follow to archive Gmail messages.

What does archiving do in Gmail?

When we archive any Gmail message the message disappears from our inbox and all other labels as if it has been deleted but infact it has been moved to archived mail and in future if need arises to see the message again we can find the archived gmail messages.

How to archive gmail messages?

Step 1 :

Login to your Gmail account on your computer

Archive messages in Gmail
Step 2 :

Open the message you want to archive. Or you can just check the box to the left of it.

Archive messages in Gmail


Step 3 :

Click on Archive near the top of the page.

Archive messages in Gmail
Note # If you have turned on your keyboard shortcuts for Gmail, you can archive a message you are looking at by pressing ‘e’.


Conclusion :

Now that we have learned how to archive messages in Gmail - it is a good idea to make it a habit to archive messages instead of deleting them. By the way if you want your Gmail messages to look more impressive to your readers then you might want to add image to your Gmail signature and change your gmail username to a more impressive one.