How to recall message in Gmail?

Gmail is used so extensively by professionals all over the world, and when something is used so extensively people are bound to make mistakes. One can follow tips like - Automatic forward of gmail messages or set up filters in gmail to increase the productivity of Gmail but still nothing in world remains error prone.

How to recall message in Gmail?

If you are a multitasker by habit or by compulsion and you use gmail a lot then I am sure you must have come across the situation where you must have hit the send button of the mail by mistake. It happens with everyone. All of us work in a hectic work schedule and all of us commit this error. To hit the send button in haste and sending the wrong thing to wrong person is such a common error these days.

 The only thing that we need to know is – how to recall message in gmail. If one knows how to undo send in gmail in other words how to recall email in gmail then things become a lot easier and tension free. Here we give a step by step tutorial on how to undo in gmail.

How to recall a Gmail email –

Step 1 :

Click the cog wheel/gear icon at the top right.

Recall messages in Gmail
Step 2 :

Select Settings.

Recall messages in Gmail
Step 3 :

Go to the General tab and tick the box  - 'Enable undo send'.

Recall messages in Gmail


Step 4 :

From the drop down box that appears choose the time limit you want to have to hit undo.

Recall messages in Gmail
Step 5 :

Go to the bottom of the page and Click Save Changes.

Step 6 :

If you want to recall the message that you have sent simply press the "Undo" button that will now appear with the “Your message has been sent” message.

Recall messages in Gmail

Conclusion :

As mentioned in the introduction, one cannot gaurantee not to make mistakes while using gmail or any other piece of software but if we keep things organised and reduce the clutter of mails around us then surely the chances of making this mistake will decrease. Some tips to organise things in gmail can be - creating labels in Gmail, set up auto forwarding in Gmail and archiving messages in gmail. This will reduce the mess in Gmail and users will be able to work stress free and make less mistakes.