How to make a signature on Gmail with image

Gmail signature is a very important part of your Gmail messages. It lets the readers know a lot about you. An impressive signature can make wonders as it emphasizes your content and makes it noteworthy for your clients and other readers.

How to make a signature on Gmail with image

We have learned so many tricks like how to recall a Gmail message, how to filter gmail messages using one message, how to archive messages in Gmail etc. that will increase the productivity of using Gmail but here is a tip that will boost the appeal of your Gmail messages.

An image can make your signature more impressive and authentic so it is always advised that you should add image to gmail signature.

Add image to Gmail signature -

Step 1 :

Confirm that image that you want to upload is available to you locally or is publicly available on  a web server. If you want to upload a photo from google drive then make sure that the image is shared publicly.

Step 2 :

Appropriate image size is 640px X 60px.

Step 3 :

Go to the gear sign in your Gmail.

Make Gmail signature with image


Step 4 :

From the menu that appears, Select “Settings”.

Make Gmail signature with image
Step 5 :

Go to the  General tab >> Signature Section.

Make Gmail signature with image
Step 6 :

Click on the signature radio button.

Step 7 :

Add the signature text.

Step 8 :

In the signature text place the cursor wherever you want your signature image to be shown.

Step 9 :

Click Insert image. Make sure insert images is enabled.

Make Gmail signature with image
Step 10 :

Enter the url of the image or upload the image.

Make Gmail signature with image


Make Gmail signature with image 
Step 11 :

Click OK.

Conclusion :

Adding a decent photograph of yours to your email signature is such a boost to your emails as it provides more authenticity to your emails and the content. Another way to improve the appeal of your messages is by changing the gmail username to a more impressive one. Try these tips and its for sure that you'll be leaving a much better impression on your readers.