Gmail Tips - Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts

Like any other sophisticated software Gmail has a list of keyboard shortcuts which helps its users to use gmail swiftly and optimally. Gmail shortcuts can help you complete tasks within fraction of seconds.

Gmail Tips - Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts

There are keyboard shortcuts in Gmail for almost all the important and frequent tasks that one does while using Gmail - from composing and sending an interesting mail, opening mails, deleting mails, closing a mail, searching for certain mails etc.


How to use keyboard shortcuts in gmail?

It should be noted that most of the keyboard shortcuts are not enabled by default in gmail and before being able to use these shortcuts and using Gmail through your keyboard, you will have to enable keyboard shortcuts in gmail. Once you have enabled gmail shortcuts, you are ready to use any shortcut given below.

Gmail shortcuts cheat sheet

Here is a list of most important Gmail shortcuts that one will need in day to day life - just go through them and practice them so that they get into your reflexes and you can use them regularly.

Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts for composing mail :


Compose in a new tabd
Send?/Ctrl + Enter
Reply in a new windowShift + r
Reply alla
Reply all in a new windowShift + a
Forward in a new windowShift + f
Add cc recipients?/Ctrl + Shift + c
Add bcc recipients?/Ctrl + Shift + b
Insert a link?/Ctrl + k
Open spelling suggestions?/Ctrl + m
Go to next misspelled word (Mac only)? + ;



Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts for Formatting Text :

Increase text size?/Ctrl + Shift and +
Decrease text size   ?/Ctrl + Shift + -
Bold?/Ctrl + b
Italics?/Ctrl + i
Underline?/Ctrl + u
Align left?/Ctrl + Shift + l
Align center?/Ctrl + Shift + e
Align right?/Ctrl + Shift + r
Quote?/Ctrl + Shift + 9
Indent less?/Ctrl + [
Indent more?/Ctrl + ]
Numbered list?/Ctrl + Shift + 7
Bulleted list?/Ctrl + Shift + 8
Previous font?/Ctrl + Shift + 5
Next font?/Ctrl + Shift + 6
Remove formatting?/Ctrl + \

Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts for Handling conversations :

Report as spam!
New conversationk
Older conversationj
Open conversationo or Enter
Mute conversationm
Update conversationShift + n
Archive conversation and go previous/next] or [
Expand entire conversation;
Collapse entire conversation:
Add conversation to TasksShift + t 
Previous message in an open conversationp
Next message in an open conversationn
Focus main windowShift + Esc
Focus latest chat or compose  Esc
Advance to the next chat or composeCtrl + .
Advance to previous chat or composeCtrl + ,
Access custom from

?/Ctrl + Shift + f

Back to threadlist


Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts for main application actions :

Select conversationx
Select all conversations* + a
Deselect all conversations* + n
Select read conversations* + r
Select unread conversations* + u
Select starred conversations* + s
Select unstarred conversations* + t
Mark as readShift + i
Mark as unreadShift + u
Mark unread from the selected message  _
Mark as important+ or =
Mark as not important-
Search mail/
Search chat contactsg
Open "more actions" menu.
Open "move to" menuv
Open "label as" menul
Open keyboard shortcut help?
Move focus to toolbar,
Toggle star/rotate among superstarss
Undo last actionz

Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts for Navigation :

Go to next Inbox section`
Go to previous Inbox section ~
Go to Inboxg + i
Go to Starred conversations g + s
Go to Sent messagesg + t
Go to Drafts  g + d
Go to All mailg + a
Go to Contactsg + c
Go to Tasksg + k
Go to labelg + l

Conclusion :

Now you know all the keyboard shortcuts that save a lot of time of yours. But just knowing these shortcuts is not enough, one needs to bring these shortcuts into a daily working habit and this needs practice. Getting a hold of these gmail shortcuts would be easier if one uses gmail for some time just with the single aim of learning these useful keyboard shortcuts for gmail.