How to download Google maps for offline use?

Google Maps is a blessing for globetrotters and people who travel a lot and love to explore new destinations. Features like finding important stops, creating custom routes and sending Google maps to phone make them even more enticing,

How to download Google maps for offline use?

Google maps is basically an online application which needs an internet connection to show results.But when in an unfamiliar place we can never be sure to have an internet connection readily available.

What if we are in an unfamiliar foreign location and urgently need to use Google maps and cannot connect to internet even after trying all means. To help people stuck in such situations Google has come up with a nice feature in Google Maps where users can use Google maps offline. This however needs a bit of planning in advance on the part of the users as well. To use offline Google maps one should at-least decide beforehand what all places he/she will be visiting and then save maps of these places to their mobiles.

How to download Google maps?

Follow these steps to download Google maps for offline use -

Step 1 :

Plan in advance maps of what all places should be available to you offline.

Step 2 :

Initially open Google Maps in online mode i.e. while connected to internet.

Step 3 :

Search for the location for which you want to save the map.

Browse Google maps offline


Step 4 :

Zoom the screen so that the entire area you want to save is visible.

Step 5 :

Pull up the info panel from the bottom of the screen.

Step 6 :

Tap on the Download button.

Browse Google maps offline

Now you have the maps of your required location saved on your mobile and you can view it offline.

Note#These offline maps expire in 30 days – so if you want them to be on your mobile for a longer period of time, just go online whenever you get a chance and refresh the maps data.

Conclusion :

If you have plans to visit a foreign land then downloading the Google map of that place is the wisest thing you can do. These offline maps can prove to be super useful in emergency situations. Happy Journey and Happy Googling :)