How to send Google maps to phone?

Google maps is one ultra important service from Google that people, specially regular travellers cannot live without it. For world trotters roaming around in foreign land - Google maps come in so handy in finding important stops in the route of their journey.

How to send Google maps to phone?

The new feature of creating custom route in Google maps has made the lives of so many users much easier. Though Google maps is basically an online application as it gets the data from the satellite through internet but offline Google maps are one the most trending things in the mobile world these days.

If you are browsing Google maps through your laptop and want some particular map to be available on your mobile as well so that you are saved from searching the whole location again on mobile, then there is this cool feature named “Send to Phone” in Google maps.

How to get Google maps on mobile phone?

Sending google map to phone will make the map available for offline use. Follow the process explained below step by step and get your desired Google map on the phone.

Step 1 :

Search for the location you are interested in.

Get Google Maps on your phone
Step 2 :

Open the sidebar by clicking on the marker icon on the map.

Step 3 :

Click on the link named – “Send to your phone”.

Get Google Maps on your phone


Step 4 :

Select your phone from the list.

Step 5 :

you’ll get a notification on the mobile device asking if you want to navigate maps or view directions. View the notification and take the action as per need.

Conclusion :

Knowing this trick might be an asset in your travel habits. Though in this digital era many a times we assume that we'll have the internet access wherever we go and take this for granted. But the fact is that we might face situations where we are stuck in a foreign land and have no internet access there - hence if you are travelling to a foreign land make sure that you know how to download Google maps for offline use and you have done it before heading for your journey. A couple of other Google's features that may be helpful for globe trotters are Google search currency converter and Google flight search. Don't forget to keep these in mind when you are out there.