How to create a Google maps custom route?

Google Maps is a great tool; it helps millions of travellers to reach their destinations and finding important stops along the route every day. The offline google maps feature and the download Google maps feature are a couple of even more useful as it gives the users the liberty to use Google maps even at a place with no internet access.

How to create a Google maps custom route?

But it is practically impossible for Google to mark all the important landmarks and explain all routes with complete accuracy. Google helps us come over this shortcoming by letting us create custom map on Google maps through

If you need to explain some route to your buddies in more detail than that given in the standard Google maps then you can create your own maps and mark some more landmarks, directions, markers, measurements and other details so that it can be understood precisely.

Create a custom Google map :

Here are the steps to build a custom google map

Step 1 :

Go to and login with your Google account. A new map view will be loaded.

Mark your routes in Google maps
Step 2 :

In the search box search for the area for which you want to create the new map.

Mark your routes in Google maps
Step 3 :

Give a suitable name to your map by clicking on the label ‘Untitled’.

Mark your routes in Google maps


Step 4 :

Start adding the information to the map by adding layers. Custom additions to the maps are done by handling layers.

Mark your routes in Google maps
Step 5 :

It’s a good idea to add a new layer for new information you want to add to the map. This makes information management easier later on. Layers can be turned on and off to display and hide information.

Step 6 :

add custom marker to google map – Select the add marker tool by clicking on the balloon icon.

Mark your routes in Google maps


Step 7 :

Click on the map where you want that marker to appear. Enter a suitable name for the marker.

Mark your routes in Google maps
Step 8 :

Explore the workplace a little bit to find out how more and more information can be added to the maps.

Step 9 :

Save the changes when you are done.

Conclusion :

This Google maps feature of letting its users add a custom route in Google maps is a very useful one as it can let you help your friends, colleagues and acquaintances to reach the destination of your choice so easily. Just start by adding a small route and get hold of the environment and the features like layers and markers.