How to search important stops on Google maps?

Google maps is a blessing for those who love to travel a lot and specially for those who like to explore new places. Globe trotters can download google maps of the area they are travelling and then go around without any tension as now they have offline Google maps on their phone right in their hands.

How to search important stops on Google maps?

Recently Google added a feature to Google maps that can be a boon to those who love to travel by road. No matter how much planning one put into your road journey, once the wheels hit the road things can change anytime. One might fall into unfavorable situations. If you are wondering how to see bus stops on google maps or you want to show rest stops on google maps while travelling then this google maps tip of ours is right there for you.

Google has come up with this cool feature where you can search for important stops like petrol stations, restaurants, hotels, coffee shops etc. along the route you are travelling.

How to see important stops on Google maps?

To search for important stops on Google maps follow the steps explained below -

Step 1 :

Just tap on the search icon.

Step 2 :

You’ll be presented with the options you can use to search important stops along your route of travel.

Example :

Suppose we want to search for the gas stations while travelling in Redmond.

Searchimportant stops along the route in Google maps

Google Maps will present you with a list of gas stations along with other details like contact numbers, address etc that you might need.

Searchimportant stops along the route in Google maps


Note #

You can also exploit the voice search feature of Google. Just say “OK Google” and next ask for the stop you want to search for e.g. – “show me petrol stations“.

Conclusion :

Knowing this Google map trick can not only be time saving but can also prove out to be a life saver in emergency. If you are planning to hit the road for a trip then it is advised that you get hold of this cool Google maps feature. Just try this feature out on a route that you are familiar with before you are out a entirely new route. BTW are you in the know that Google maps users can create custom routes in google maps. Just have a look at this cool feature as well.