Google related searches - search for similar sites on Google

No matter in whatever niche one is seeking information or trying to buy a product, it is always beneficial to consult three or four similar websites. But what if we know only one site in the niche we want to attain information. What if we want go beyond the sites listed in normal Google Search result? What if we want to search for sites more closely related to our original niche site?

Google related searches - search for similar sites on Google

Google comes to our rescue once again. The solution to this problem is search for similar sites on Google using Google related searches. We will get a list of related sites in Google search results.

Google search is one good friend of all netizens that helps us in so many situations - We can use it for currency conversion, we can use Google as a calculator, no need to mention the search engine capabilities, we can track flights using Google, we can use Google maps offline and the list goes on and on.If we need to search for similar websites then also Google will be our best friend.

How to search for similar sites on Google?

To search similar sites - Google has a search operator specifically dedicated for this purpose. This search operator is named "related". Here we'll learn how to use this Google operator to find related sites in Google.

Google related Searches

The search operator ‘related’ can be used to find sites similar to a domain by typing the following in the Google search box –

related:[Domain name]


Suppose I know that I can find Guitar video lessons on and want to find out more websites where I can find the same then I’ll have to search Google with the query :

find related sites in Google

Now Google will provide me with a list of other sites very closely similar to

Conclusion :

Hefty internet users will agree with me that in any niche, knowing just one site is not enough. Every site has some uniqueness and some useful info. Hence if we are in search of some good knowledge on any topic finding related sites is a must and this Google operator to find realted sites in Google can prove out to be really very useful. BTW you might like to learn how to create your own routes in Google map.