How to use Google search Currency converter

Currency conversion is something that we need to do every now and then. Especially globe trotters are in constant need of knowing the converted currency they’ll have when they’ll cross borders. Though there are many mobile applications available for this but in case you do not have one then remember Google is always there for you.

How to use Google search Currency converter

Google has a lot of in-built simple light weight yet super useful utilities - like Google search calculator, Google flight search, Google dictionary etc. For currency conversion also Google has an inbuilt currency conversion utility.Though Google converts the currency according to the latest bank exchange rates and not tourist rates but it will give the user a close approximation.


How to use Google search currency converter?

There are two ways in which Google  can be used as a currency converter.

Method 1 : Use currency names

If you want to convert US dollars into Japanese Currency Yen then enter the following query in Google search bar –

“US Dollars in Yen”

use Google as Currency Converter

Google will display a form like result showing how much 1 US Dollar equals in Yen. The text fields in this result can be used to enter different amounts to know the converted value.

Method 2: Use Currency Symbols-

Here we can directly enter the total amount we want to convert in Google Search Bar.

e.g. “$15 in €”

use Google as Currency Converter

This will directly give the final converted value as a result though same form will appear in this case as well and the text fields can be used to do more conversions.

Conclusion :

Now if you are out on a trip along the globe, you wont have to worry about the currency conversion. Google is one nice master app that can be reached from any where in the world and when such an app gives you utilities like Currency conversion then it will make your trip more tension free. Happy Googling :)