How to search flights on Google?

Google is determined to make your life easier day by day. More and more utilities are being incorporated so that they can be used directly from Google Search without a need of installing and using third party apps - Google search calculator, Google dictionary, Google search currency converter etc. are good examples of such utilities.

How to search flights on Google?


In this series is another very useful in-built Google utility called Google flights search. Google flights search is used to track flights from departure to arrival. The Flight tracking feature is yet another super useful feature of Google Search that needs to be exploited more often by Google users.

How to search flights on google?

Searching and tracking flights through Google flight search is super easy and it gives the users loads of reliable information in just a single click.

Step 1 :

To track a flight through Google all you need to do is type the flight number in Google Search.

e.g. If we want to track the Alaska airlines flight from seattle to Redmond with flight number 2297, we'll just type "Alaska Flight 2297" in Google Search.

Use Google to track Flights


Step 2 :

Google will provide you with lot of information about the flight status such as – When is the flight scheduled to take off or if it has already taken off at what time did it took off, the estimated arrival time of the flight or the landing time if it has already landed, the place from where the flight took off and where it will land, details like the airport and the terminal will also be displayed.

Use Google to track Flights

Conclusion :

In short Google’s flight tracking system provides almost all the needed flight status information. Google’s service is lightning fast and thus the best way to track flights. Remember to use this Goolge utility, the next time you need to track any flight.