Enable Gmail Keyboard shortcuts

Majority of us think that Gmail is a very simple online application and we know everything about how to use it. But the fact is that there are some hidden features in Gmail that can be exploited to make it work like a breeze. Once mastered, these features can make you a Gmail pro and completely change the way you work with Gmail.

Enable Gmail Keyboard shortcuts

In this article we’ll talk about Gmail keyboard shortcuts. Yes!! Like any other online or desktop application Gmail too has its keyboard shortcuts but unfortunately Google has by default disabled majority of these gmail shortcuts and are needed to be enabled manually.

There are keyboard shortcuts for every complex and simple task like - Compose and send mail, Add recipients to mail, archive mails, search mails, Insert links in mails, delete mails etc. so lets see how we can enable gmail shortcuts and start using them.

How to use keyboard shortcuts in gmail?

To use Gmail keyboard shortcuts we need to enable them through Gmail settings –

Step 1 :

Click the Cog icon in the top right corner.

Enable Gmail Keyboard shortcuts
Step 2 :

Select Settings.

Enable Gmail Keyboard shortcuts
Step 3 :

Scroll down to keyboard shortcuts section in the general tab.

Step 4 :

Select “Keyboard shortcuts on”.

Enable Gmail Keyboard shortcuts
Step 5 :

Scroll Down and Click on “Save Changes”.

Enable Gmail Keyboard shortcuts

Conclusion :

Now you are ready to exploit Gmail’s keyboard shortcuts and increase your Gmail work speed manifolds.Just Go through the Gmail Keyboard shortcuts and practice them for a while and make them a part of your work habits. Meanwhile did you check the cool new mail chrome extension for gmail which notifies you about the new mails in your inbox. I think its worth a try and I am sure you'll love using it.