Use Google Allo in Incognito mode

We are all well aware and have been sending messages through Whatsapp since a long time. Now Google’s Allo is right here to give Whatsapp a tough competition. We’ll be making a series of tips and tricks on Google Allo very shortly but right now here’s a quick and important tip for those who have already started using Allo.

Use Google Allo in Incognito mode

We have all used Incognito mode in Google chrome – Google chrome pays a lot of attention on safe and secure browsing - Surfing the web in Incognito mode helps to remain untracked and remain safer.Same goes while using messaging apps like whatsapp and Allo.


How does Incognito mode in Google Allo makes the messages secure?

With Google Allo we can send text messages to our friends and family over the internet and by using the Incognito mode of Allo we can ensure that these messages are encrypted and hence the risk of these falling in wrong hands is eliminated. Encrypted messages cannot be read by Google i.e. no one in between the sender and the receiver of the message can decrypt and read the content of the messages. Even the inbox preview and notifications are unable to show the details of the messages sent in incognito mode.

How to use Incognito mode in Google Allo?

To switch to the Incognito mode of Allo –

Step 1 :

Tap the chat icon – the speaker bubble

Use Google Allo in Incognito mode
Step 2 :

Tap on the “Start Incognito chat” menu item.

Use Google Allo in Incognito mode
Step 3 :

Select the contact you want to chat with.

Note# Allo also allows you to set a timer to automatically delete a chat. Click on the timer icon and set the time after which the chat should be deleted automatically. Once the time is over Allo deletes the chat in a secure manner.