How to use Google Search as a dictionary?

In today’s world of information we come across new terms and words every day. Knowing the exact meanings and definitions of these words is a must for us to keep ourselves at par with others. We all know that we can use online dictionary websites like or offline software like wordweb to search for the definitions and meanings.

How to use Google Search as a dictionary?

But Google has made this job super easy for us. Google is not just a search engine anymore. A lot of Google users are still unware that Google has loads of in-built utilities like Google Search Currency converter, Google flight search, Google search calculator etc.


In this series of utilities there is a very useful utility - that of a dictionary. Now we don’t need to visit any website or open any software to complete this job anymore. Most of us has Google has the home page of our browsers.All we need to do now to get the definition of any term is.

How to use Google as a dictionary?

Follow the steps below to use Google as a dictionary -

Step 1:

Turn to Google.

Step 2:

Type Define:[Term to be searched].


e.g. If you want to learn the definition of the term Octave then we need to type Define:Octave in Google and hit enter.

This forces Google to give the definition of the searched term as the first result.

Step 3:

If we want to know the pronunciation of the word then we can use the speaker icon sown in the result and Google will tell us how the word is to be pronounced.


Conclusion : 

Google dictionary is one really cool utility. Infact all Google utilites are really very handy and can be real time savers in case of urgency. Users should try to keep them in mind so that they are able to use them immediately as soon as the need arises. One should try and practice using them again and again and make them a part of working habits.