Disable WhatsApp read receipts feature

WhatsApp is undoubtedly one of the most popular messaging app at the moment. One can often see people involved in their cool whatsapp messages all day long. But along with cool and interesting features WhatsApp users have some concerns regarding the privacy.

Disable WhatsApp read receipts feature

Some of the features of whatsApp like last seen activity, exposed mobile number in lists that are not broadcast lists, knowing the time when message was read reveal a lot about user activities. Those who are super active on social networks receive tons of WhatsApp messages on daily basis. At times people read the message but do not have time to reply immediately.

Why should I disable WhatsApp read receipts feature?

When we read any message, by default WhatsApp sends a ‘read receipt’ to the sender of the message. If someone reads a WhatsApp message but do not reply immediately and his WhatsApp read receipts feature is turned on then the sender will immediately know that receiver has read the message but has not replied. This can create a misunderstanding between the two.

If you want to read the message but do not want the sender to know that you have read his/her message then you can disable this read receipt feature in WhatsApp.

How to Disable WhatsApp read receipts feature?

To disable read receipt feature –

Step 1 :

Go to Options.

Step 2 :

Open Settings.

Disable the read receipt feature in WhatsApp


Step 3 :

Open Accounts.

Step 4 :

Go to Privacy.

Disable the read receipt feature in WhatsApp
Step 5 :

Uncheck the “Read receipts” option.

Disable the read receipt feature in WhatsApp

Conclusion : 

Disabling read receipts can give you the liberty of answering to a message as per your convinience without hurting the feelings of the sender. It is advised that you disable this feature if you keep so busy that replying to any message immediately is not possible for you.