Format your WhatsApp Messages

If you are a bit bored with the same old normal text of your WhatsApp messages then this post can help you bring a bit of spice to your WhatsApp networking. This text formatting will definitely have a special impact on the reader as soon as your message gets read.

Format your WhatsApp Messages

WhatsApp has now allowed you to format your WhatsApp messages to include italicized text, bold text and strikethrough text. If you have a habit to regularly backup your WhatsApp messages then just open up some of your old messages and then create a new one with these new formatting options and compare the new and old messages to see the difference for yourself.

How to Format WhatsApp Messages?

WhatsApp allows three types of message formatting for its users. With the new formatting options users can format there WhatsApp messages to appear in bold, or they can create their messages with italicized text or they can choose to have stikethrough text in their WhatsApp messages. Below we'll discuss all the three methods to format your WhatsApp messages.

Make WhatsApp messages appear in bold :

To include bold text in your message use asterisks – Any text included between two asterisks will appear as bold. e.g. *This text will appear in bold*

Format your WhatsApp Messages

Make WhatsApp messages appear italicized :

To include italicized text in your message use underscores – Any text included between two underscores will appear as italics. e.g. _This text is italicized_

Format your WhatsApp Messages

Make WhatsApp messages appear in strikethrough :

To include strikethrough text in your message use tilde (~) – Any text included between two tilde will appear with strikethrough. e.g. ~This text will appear with strikethrough~.

Format your WhatsApp Messages

Conclusion :

This text formatting will totally change how your messages look and also it will help you in emphasizing on special things within your message. If you have been using WhatsApp since a long time, this technique might take some time before it becomes a part of your habit, but it is worth devoting some time. Just create a broadcast list, add some friends to it, and start texting in the new formatted manner, eventually you'll get into the habit of using these special characters. BTW, though off topic, but do you prefer remaining hidden on whatsApp - here's how you can hide your last seen activity on whatsApp and here's how you can disbale read receipt - happy WhatsApping in a hidden manner :)