Hide your WhatsApp last seen activity

Social Networking has no doubt affected our lives in both good and bad ways. On one hand it has made the world so small that we can keep in touch with our friends so easily no matter in which part of the world we are.

Hide your WhatsApp last seen activity

It is not that Social networks only have positive aspects, many innocent users have fallen prey in the hands of jackers and other mischievious element on the net and lost lot of their important data and even money. This kind of element present on the web in big numbers hence it is always adviced that one should take regular backup of important messages on whatsapp.

Not only hacking there is a risk to privacy also. Social Networks have to some extent encroached the privacy of its users. Our activities can be tracked so easily by highly capable algorithms of these social networks. The WhatsApp read receipts fall in this category. WhatsApp last seen activity is another similar problem that many WhatsApp users face but do not know how to get rid of.


What does last seen on WhatsApp mean?

In WhatsApp terminology the last time when you were active on WhatsApp is called "Last seen on WhatsApp" . Because of the last seen feature of WhatsApp everyone can know the time when you last used WhatsApp. Some times users do not want everyone to know about their activities on WhatsApp whatever the reason might be. WhatsApp lets you control this behavior by configuring the privacy options. Now you can control who can view the time you were last seen on WhatsApp.

How to turn Off Last seen on WhatsApp?

To turn off last seen on WhatsApp feature –

Step 1 :

Go to Options.

Step 2 :

Open Settings.

Hide your time of last activity in WhatsApp
Step 3 :

Open Accounts.



Step 4 :

Go to Privacy.

Step 5 :

tap on the “last seen” option.

Step 6 :

An option box will open with options as Everyone, My contacts and Nobody. Choose the one that suits you best.


Conclusion : 

These days a large percentage of mobile users are active on WhatsApp, every user is part of laods of WhatsApp groups and whatsApp braodcat lists and with this comes a risk of compromising with privacy. Hiding the last seen activity is a nice way of securing the privacy to some extent. WhatsApp like any other social network lets its users know a lot about the other users and this surely leads to the encroachment of privacy. Suppose you have read a whatsApp message, the sender with the help of a simple tweak, can immediately know the exact time when whatsApp message got read. Hence it is adviced that proper care should be taken whilw using social networks. Not only social networks, while use net as well one should take proper security measures for safe browsing.